Munseob (Moon) Lee

Assistant Professor of Economics at the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy

Office: RBC #1302


Phone: (858) 534-1734


Working Papers:

How Do Firms Grow? The Life Cycle of Products Matters (with David Argente and Sara Moreira), online appendix, updated Feb 2019

Government Purchases, Firm Growth and Industry Dynamics

Allocation of Female Talent and Cross-Country Productivity Differences, in revision

Cost of Living Inequality during the Great Recession (with David Argente), in revision for resubmission at Journal of the European Economic Association


Innovation and Product Reallocation in the Great Recession, Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol 93, January 2018, pp.1-20, with David Argente and Sara Moreira.

Book Chapters:

High-Skill Immigration, Innovation, and Creative Destruction, In: The Roles of Immigrants and Foreign Students in US Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. University of Chicago Press, forthcoming, with Gaurav Khanna


Fiscal and Monetary Policy (Graduate-level), The Korean Economy (Graduate-level, Undergraduate-level)

Reading Group on High-Frequency Product-level Data in Macro and Trade, Winter 2019, Fall 2018, Reading List

Seminar Organization

UCSD International/Development Seminar, Spring 2019

UCSD Korean Political Economy Seminar, sponsored by the Korea Foundation