About Us

Hello! You’ve reached the homepage of qUALMS, the q Undergraduate Association for Linguistics at Michigan State.

What is qUALMS?

qUALMS is MSU’s official student organization for undergraduate linguistics majors, minors, and friends. If you’re a student at MSU who is interested in linguistics—phonemes, phrase-markers, or otherwise—we would love to have you!

What does qUALMS do?

qUALMS hosts monthly meetings for undergraduates to discuss linguistics, promote linguistics on campus, and of course, hang out and have fun! Since the 2014-2015 school year, we also offer linguistics help hours once a month. See the meetings page for this year's schedule.

Additionally, qUALMS hosts two annual undergraduate linguistics conferences:

    • MSULC for MSU students, and

    • GLEEFUL for undergrads everywhere

If you are working on a research project in linguistics or another language-related field, please consider submitting an abstract to the next MSULC or GLEEFUL.

Finally, qUALMS serves as a friendly community and support group for undergrads in linguistics at MSU. Currently, the best place to find us is the Facebook group. We've also compiled some useful resources for linguistics undergrads.

How do I join?

See the members page for information about getting involved.