B. Tech. Materials Engineering

  • The department is initiating a new B.Tech. program in Materials Engineering to start from July 2020
  • Academic program to focus on producing well trained man power for meeting the specialized needs in the field of materials.
  • Curriculum with in-depth scientific content as well as industrial relevance further catered by specializations.
  • Preparing students for both jobs as well as higher studies and research


Why do we study materials? Many an applied scientist or engineer, whether mechanical, civil, chemical, or electrical, will at one time or another be exposed to a design problem involving materials. Examples might include a transmission gear, the superstructure for a building, an oil refinery component, or an integrated circuit chip. Of course, materials scientists and engineers are specialists who are totally involved in the investigation and design of materials.

The more familiar an engineer or scientist is with the various characteristics and structure–property relationships, as well as processing techniques of materials, the more proficient and confident he or she will be in making judicious materials choices based on these criteria.