Department of Materials Science and Engineering

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The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE) has been established on 1st January 2018 for developing and undertaking research on materials for specific end uses. It holds the privilege of being the only materials research and engineering department in Delhi-NCR region. Traditionally, MSE programs involve two major classifications: a) functional, and b) structural materials. While these classifications are self-explanatory in nature and carry the weight of historical precedent, with the rise of smart materials, novel fabrication methods, and advances in biomaterials and pharmaceuticals, it has become increasingly common to cross such divisions both inside MSE, but also in interaction with external disciplines. The new Materials Science and Engineering department is; inherently an interdisciplinary Department that draws from practitioners in all application areas, as well as study of fundamentals of materials science. The focus of research and development activities of the Department is towards the rational design of materials and processes, engineering of desired material structure and properties, fabrication and synthetic process development, integration of materials in devices, characterization of materials and devices, and development of prototypes. The department is further aiming for emphasis on areas such as design and modelling of materials and processes which is also classified as Integrated Computational Materials Engineering, development of novel materials manufacturing methods and process development such as additive manufacturing, which are next generation processing methodologies designed to reduce the waste generation, and for efficiency improvement. The Department of Materials Science Engineering (DMSE), named in keeping with worldwide and nationwide practice, contains a Center for Excellence in Polymer Science Engineering (CoE-PSE) in due recognition of the historical brand strength of the polymers program at IIT Delhi.

The goals of the department are:

  1. To provide frontier education in Materials Science and Engineering.
  2. Achieve excellence in education and research to meet the growing needs of the society
  3. Expose the students broadly to research intensive curriculum for skill enhancement to suit the global market
  4. Provide an environment conducive to innovation, creativity, implementation of new ideas and team spirit so as to foster young and fresh talents.
  5. Promote high standards of professional ethics.