Almost, Maine


Welcome to Almost, Maine, a place that’s so far north, it’s almost not in the United States. It’s almost in Canada. And it’s not quite a town, because its residents never got around to getting organized. So it almost doesn’t exist. One cold, clear, winter night, as the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above, the residents of Almost, Maine, find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and hilarious ways. Knees are bruised. Hearts are broken. But the bruises heal, and the hearts mend—almost—in this delightful midwinter night’s dream.


When: November 15-17, 2018 at 7pm

Where: Mount Pleasant High School auditorium

Tickets: $10 Students and Seniors, $12 Adults

*This show may not be suitable for younger audiences, parental discretion is advised*

Production Team

Director: Chris Turner

Assistant Director: Teayra Bowden

Technical Director: Matthew Coyle

Set Design: Tony DelNegro


Act 1


Pete - Zach Bright

Ginette - Danielle Jenkins

Her Heart

East - Carter Steffan

Glory - Caroline Etgen

Sad and Glad

Jimmy - Christopher Skaats

Sandrine - Kaila Lightburn

Waitress - Jessica Herr

The Hurts

Marvalyn - Kat Geist

Steve - Dylan Garvin

Getting it Back

Gayle - Taylor Trickey

Lendall - Daniel Fogbawah

Act 2

They Fell

Shelly - Jane Haracz

Deena - Chaily Derecskey

Where it Went

Phil - Zach Bright

Marci - Amanda Beyer

Story of Hope

Hope - Lauren Unterberger

Man - Avery Steffen

Seeing the Thing

Rhonda - Hailie Tuohey

Dave - Jermaine Fentress