msh2vf is a small executable program that extracts the edges from a 2D mesh file in .msh format in order to use these data in the framework of Finite Volume numerical schemes. Indeed, in a usual .msh file produced by Gmsh which characterize a 2D mesh, the informations about the edges are not provided. The msh2vf tool reads a .msh file, computes the informations which characterize the edges, then writes a .vf file which contains the data from the .msh file plus the new data for the edges.


Lastest version :

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  • Fortran 90 compiler

How to use it

1. Edit the Makefile and specify the Fortran 90 compiler you want to use (default compiler : gfortran).

2. Type the command

    $ make

3. To convert the file mymesh.msh to the .vf format, type the command

    $ msh2vf -i mymesh.msh

4. You can specifiy the output file by adding a -o flag and an extra argument as follows

    $ msh2vf -i mymesh.msh -o mymesh.vf