Alexandre MOUTON's homepage

CNRS Research Engineer at Laboratoire Paul Painlevé (Lille - FRANCE).


  • The version 1.3 of the software msh2vf has been released.
  • The 8th edition of the conference Finite Volumes for Complex Applications (FVCA 8) will be organized in LILLIAD Learning Center (Université Lille 1, Villeneuve d'Ascq - France) on June 12th-16th 2017. More details about scientific program and registrations are available on the conference website.

Scientific interests
  • Functional analysis : two-scale convergence, homogenization.
  • Modelization : hyperbolic problems, conservation laws, Vlasov models, Euler models, small parameter systems, micro-macro decomposition, anisotropic diffusion problems.
  • Physics : magnetic confinement fusion, weakly compressible fluids, charged particles beams, miscible flows in porous media.
  • Scientific computing and numerical analysis : finite volume scheme, semi-lagrangian schemes, asymptotic-preserving schemes, curvilinear coordinates schemes.

Contact :

  • postal address :     Laboratoire Paul Painlevé
                                     Université de Sciences et Technologies Lille 1
                                     Cité Scientifique
                                     F-59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex (FRANCE)
  • Phone : +33 (0)
  • Mail : alexandre.mouton@math.univ-lille1[ANTI@@@SPAM].fr