Morning, Noon & Night

Matin, Midi & Soir

© 8th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2018

Honourable Mention at the 8th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2018

English edition : edition unique Bilingual edition : English - French 4 ex. +2 artist's proofs

Archival inkjet print on jappanese paper, wax 15 x 20 cm 2017 - 2018 Paris

Collection : Artist's Book Triennial collection - Vilnius (Lituanie)

Acquis par : Bibliothèque Cantonale & Universitaire de Lausanne,

Wellecome collection - London, Bibliothèque de Chalon sur Saône, Bibliothèque Forney - Paris

Médiathèque de Quimper

This accordion book was inspired by my father's pillbox. As an older man, he had to take a lot of pills until the end of his life.

Morning, noon and night, every single day - if he was able to take all his pills, he was considered to be improving but towards the end, he didn’t always succeed.

This book is like his agenda of that time because taking his pills three times a day was his only essential duty.

I felt that for him, taking his medication was a life affirming act.

Unfortunately, in his case, the side effects of this medication actually increased the number of tablets he had to take.

It is very common for old people to take medecines and food supplements.

And nowadays, there is even a tendancy for people in good health to take supplements everyday: vitamins, minerals etc.,

Is it to reassure themselves ?

We convince ourselves that these remedies are good for our health, but is it true ?

I cannot help thinking that some people might continue to take them until the end of their lives.

I created this book with a composition of pills of different colours to show the repetition of the act of taking medication regularly.

After printing the images, I waxed the pages so that so that they became transparent. As a result, you will see images of pills superimposed.

Finally, I crumpled up all the pages to display a fragmented waxed surface which reminds one of an old person’s skin.