Our club offers various activities for stay-at-home moms and their children. In a given month, your neighborhood MOMS Club® might provide park days, playgroups, field trips, craft days, stroller walks in the park, MOMS (or Family) Night Out, a Club Newsletter and a business meeting. It is our policy to have children come along to all activities.
MOMS Club® is also committed to community service. We coordinate service projects each year to provide support to needy organizations and various women's and children's shelters. MOMS Club® also offers opportunities for leadership in a variety of ways, allowing you to contribute to the group and satisfy your need to develop yourself and interact productively with other adults.
Our calendar fluctuates every month to provide flexibility to everyone's schedule. We want all our moms to be able to attend activities.

Attendance to activities is never mandatory. So, you can feel free to come and go as you please.

Below is a list and brief description of a few of the activities and services
that some of the MOMS Clubs
® of Maple Grove currently provide.
(Please note that not all of these activities might be offered by a particular chapter. This is a just a sampling of the activities from some of the Maple Grove chapters.)

All Member Social: We meet once a month to make decisions, discuss business, make announcements, provide information, and socialize. All chapters hold these meetings, and attendance is not mandatory. 

Field Trips: Field trips are planned periodically, depending on the interests of the Moms in a particular chapter. Some past field trips included: the Minnesota Zoo, the Maple Grove Community Center, "Barnyard Friends" petting zoo, Elm Creek park and beach, Eastman Nature Center, and more. We've also arranged tours of the post office, Cub Foods, Culver's, the police station, and many other interesting locations.

Special Interest Groups: Each chapter is free to create special interest groups that their members might enjoy. Some examples currently available include: Book Club, Bookworms (a reading group for children), Garden Club, Frugal Moms, Walking Club, Babysitting Coops, etc. If the chapter in your area doesn't have a special interest group yet that you want--you could join the chapter and become the founder of that Interest group!

MOMS (or Family) Night Out: Once a month our moms have the opportunity to get out and socialize.  Our nights out have been great fun; we made pottery on one occasion, another, we barbequed shish-kabob. Some chapters choose to alternate "MOMS Nights" each month with "Family night." (These nights spouses and children are invited to come along.) 

Newsletter: We provide a monthly newsletter for our members which includes a calendar for the following month, club news and information, member classified ads, and announcements.

Craft Day: Some months, we provide our kids with a simple craft to make for an upcoming  holiday or just for fun. We usually meet at a park and let them play afterwards.

Park Days: We schedule park days to give our kids a chance to get outside and play for a while. If the weather does not permit for us to be

outside, we have a rainy day site which has indoor play equipment. 

Playgroups: Most playgroups meet a few times each month, depending on the schedules of the Moms involved in the group. Each chapter strives to match up children according to age whenever possible--but sometimes our families' busy schedules require a more mixed group.