10 reasons why you should join MOMS Club®
(not every club will have these and it varies depending on members)

10. We have a Book Club!  Even if you don’t read the book chosen, it’s nice just to have a little adult conversation. We also have a kids book club, where stories are read.

9. Getting to know your neighborhood.  Neighborhood parks are an integral part of the MOMS Club experience.  We have adopted a local park and keep it maintained.

8. Getting involved with our community.  We organize  several service projects, some involve our kids and some just for us. (Ex. Kiddie parades, Feed my starving children, baby supplies to homeless mothers, school supply drives, Happy Rocks, Kindness in chalk... etc.)

7. Most of our events are free!  We understand money can be tight, if you are a stay-at-home mom. We try to plan things that are free and low cost as much as possible.

6. We also have a babysitting co-op.  Yep, you got it right! Want to shop in peace, go to a doctor appointment in private or just some peace alone at home.  Swap with another mom and the time is yours! Some groups even do date night swaps! 

5. We have a Moms night out once a month. Get out and enjoy the company of other moms.

4. We support each other.  If there is a need our group, everyone always tries to help. 

3. The group doesn’t interfere with your family life.   Family always comes first! Our kids are always welcome to our events.

2. We run the group together! We have monthly socials where members help to decide the direction in which our group is heading.

1. Almost every weekday we have something planned.  We plan holiday parties for our kids. We go on regular field trips, educational speakers, optional weekly play groups, craft projects and m