Upcoming Events

April 4th, 2015 - Hand Scrappers III + WAL QUALIFIER

Where: JB's Tavern
112 Main Street, Wanamingo, MN, 55983
Entry: $20 first class/arm,10$ additional arms/classes
5-7pm weigh in
Matches start as soon as brackets are made.

WAL QUALIFIER RUNS FIRST!!!! Then cash tourney. If you want to pull the WAL qualifier you MUST PRE REGISTER and the entry fee and weight classes are different than for the cash tourney!!! Click here for all info!!! http://www.walunderground.com/events/qualifying-events-details/wal-100-city-wanamingo-qualifier


$150 per per weight class split up as $100 for first with the arm with the most entries, $50 for first in the arm with less entries. For example the 175 class has $150 total prize money if there's 15 guys left and 12 right the left class winner gets the $100 and right arm winner gets $50. Same for 210 and 210+. First place in women's is $50 provided that there are enough women that want to compete. 

Double elimination 

No unsportsmanlike conduct tolerated, no warnings, one time and your done.

Weight classes
0-175 light
175-210 middle
210+ heavy

Any questions, please email Jerrod Johnson at: jerrodjohnson1979@gmail.com

(this is not a "Handeland Production" Jerrod Johnson is running this tournament!!!)


June 27th, 2015 - 6th Annual Minnesota State Armwrestling Championships

Where: Henderson Saurkraut Days
200 North 3rd Street, Henderson, MN, 56044
Entry: $20/arm for pro, $15/arm for novice first arm $10 for additional arms or for all arms if also pulling pro, $10 for kids or $15 for both arms.
Time: Weigh-ins from 1:00pm till 2:30pm. 1:00-2:00 for kids. Tournament starts at 2:30 sharp with kids starting first.

Weight Classes:
Men's Pro Right and Left 154/176/198/220/221+
Men's Novice Right and Left 165/190/220/221+
Women's Pro Right 143/144+
Women's Pro Left Open
Kids (UNDER 18): By weight this year 0-65 lbs, 66-95 lbs., 96-125 lbs., 126+ lbs. Kids are co-ed/mixed gender.

We use the honor system for kids ages but if you're kid looks 18 or older please bring an id or birth certificate.

Weight will be rounded up/down to the nearest half pound, for example 154.5 will count as 154, 154.6 counts as 155 and is not acceptable for the 154 class. You may weigh in as many times as needed. Anyone needing to weigh in the day before is welcome to but you'll have to come to my house in Crystal, MN (North Side of Minneapolis near Brooklyn Park).

Kids run first, then any super/challenge matches, then novice, then women's, then pro. Once novice is over we will open up registration for pro for 10 minutes in case any novices want to sign up, then we will start asap.

100% Cash Payback to the top 3 in all Pro Classes as well as plaques to top 3 in all pro and novice classes!!! Medals to top 3 in kids!!!

Double elimination. WAF Spec Armwrestling Tabels will be used.  Risers and chalk will be provided. Free to watch!!! Pick someone you like and cheer em on.

This tournament is not sanctioned by an umbrella organization but UAL rules are the ones we use.

Any questions, please email Josh Handeland: joshthejedimaster@yahoo.com
or contact me through Facebook. Or call me: 612-801-5612.

IF YOU'RE NOT SURE IF YOU QUALIFY NOVICE OR NOT PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME AND ASK!!! Check out the guidelines in the FAQ to get an idea: https://sites.google.com/site/mnarmwrestling/home/faq