United States Ranking

I AM NOW IN CHARGE OF THE USA RANKINGS FOR IN THE HOOK!!! Eric Roussin still maintains the Canadian Ranking on In The Hook. My rankings will go by fact all the way, if I think somebody would beat somebody else but they haven't I won't rank them above that person I think they can beat until they either: beat that person, or, beat somebody ranked above that person. Nobody will be ranked in 2 different weight classes (for example, John Brzenk could be ranked at 242 and 242+ but will only be ranked in the 242's since that's the lowest weight class he consistently makes). If somebody doesn't compete, to my knowledge, for a period of 1 year, they will be taken off of the rankings. If you have any disagreement or questions about my rankings, or info on who beat who that I do not know about, PLEASE send me an email at joshhandeland@gmail.com.

How It Works: If you beat an individual that is ranked higher than yourself, you will be ranked one spot above that individual - of course, circumstances come into play.   If the higher ranked individual just had a war and then lost to a guy who go the bye, or if the ranked individual is pulling multiple classes, it's all taken into consideration). If someone beats a puller ranked higher than them, but the higher ranked puller just had a war while the lower ranked individual had an easy win - the lower ranked individual may not move above that puller, but may move close to, or right underneath, the puller they beat. For example, unranked puller flashed someone, puller ranked 6 had a long match, unranked puller beats puller ranked 6 - might not be put above them but might move as high as 7th place. Directly below the puller they beat. Also, if you beat an international puller who is not ranked in the USA (since they are not a USA resident) but that international puller could definitely beat some of the ranked USA pullers, that will be taken into consideration. For example, if USA Puller beats Rustam Babayev fresh at 198, the USA puller will be ranked #1 in the USA since Rustam would easily beat all the 198 lbs pullers in the USA.

Please See http://www.inthehook.com/rankings.html for USA and other rankings.