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Congrats to the 2017 State Champions - Mike Lindner (rh + lh 154), Roman Gromov (rh + lh 176, lh 198), Jason Remer (rh 198, rh + lh 220), Mark Cichy (rh 221+), Jeff Dabe (lh 221+), and Devon Schiro (ladies rh). FULL RESULTS HERE: http://northeastboard.com/thread/30130/june-24th-minnesota-state-championships

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Welcome to my site. This site is about the Minnesota Muscle  Team, located in Minneapolis and Rochester, Minnesota. Anybody in Minnesota looking to start competing in armwrestling tournament can come to any of our practices any time, or if you just want to try armwrestling and see what it's like feel free to come check it out! Get a hold of Josh Handeland. Send me a message on Facebook or email me: joshthejedimaster@yahoo.com

Armwrestling News Flash: Rankings are always changing... everytime someone in the rankings gets beat they change (of course circumstances come into play, if the higher ranked individual just had a war and then lost to a guy who got the bye. Or if the ranked individual is pulling multiple classes, it's all taken into consideration)

Minnesota Muscle News:

The next tournament is the 2014 MN State Championships!!! Please check "upcoming events" section for all upcoming events! Also, the Minnesota Armwrestling History has been updated (6/14/14). 

Sorry that no news has been posted recently. MN armwrestling has been prospering, I continue to post videos on youtube and always maintain the rankings and upcoming tourneys section on here. Some highlights for MN pullers in the last year. Starting with National Titles, Lupkes won 2 in 2013 (243+ open right, 220+ Grand Masters left) Yosef won 165 right, John Grant won 187 left, Erin Meyer won women's 132 right. MN State Champions this year were Jeremy Emery right and Jordan McGuire left in 154, Yosef in 176 both arms and 198 left, Josh Kor in 198 right, Jordan Sill in 220 and 221+ right and 221+ left. Jake Wessel in 220 left. Erin Meyer in 143 women's and Krysta Prior in 144+ right and left. Big wins for MN pullers, Jon Thompson beating Harold Owens and Mark Cichy lefty, and beating Sill once. Jake Wessel dominating Sill lefty. Jeff Dabe beating Owens lefty and also scoring a win on Oleg Kasatkin. John Houston moving to MN, and beating Jake Wessel. Aaron Kruger beating Harold Owens lefty. Yosef almost beating Janis Amolins lefty, and beating Tony Kitowski lefty to take the number 1 spot in the Midwest and 5th in USA lefty (8 in North America) lefty. Yosef also won KY muscle overall left over Harold Owens. Andrew Bieganski beat Cichy and Traper Saltzman which earned him a Midwest ranking, and Mark beat Harold Owens both arms. There's some updates for ya. 

April 20th, 2013 - Michigan State Championships - Kalamazoo, Michigan. Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ2Ojw2Rktw&feature=youtu.be

March 30th, 31st, 2013 - Jon Thompson represents at the Mike Gould Classic, the biggest tournament in Canada! He goes 2-2 in the right hand 221+ amateur class, but he takes the class to school lefty, and then pulls out a 3rd place finish in the left hand pro class behind number 1 ranked armwrestler in the World Devon Larratt, and many time World Champion Earl Wilson!!! Very impressive Jon.

March 23rd, 2013 - Minnesota represents at Reap the Weak in Viborg, SD. The turnout was much better than anticipated. The team took home 1 Gold, 5 Silvers (3 of which would have been Gold's had it not been for a brick wall named Tony Kitowski), and a Bronze. Scott Emery took 2nd right handed in the 154 Novice Class, Anthony Simon took 2nd right handed in the 176 novice class at his first tourney, Erin Meyer won the lightweight women's class (coming back from the B Side), over Colby Koentop (Chris Chandler's girlfriend). Jack Weber double classed, pulling 198's and 220's, and looked very strong right handed but in the end was only able to place in one class. He took 2nd right handed in 220's (to Kitowski). Jack had convincing wins over John Grant and Adam King and even snuck a win in on Danny Long! John Grant took 3rd left handed in 198's, losing twice to Shaun Brock. Sonny Larson took the class. John beat Jack lefty. Adam King and Josh Handeland both took 2nd lefty (Adam in 220, Josh in 176). Both lost their first match of the day (Josh to McGarry, Adam to Bickett) and both came back to beat the guys who beat them and those guys didn't even place top 3! And both ended up 2nd to Tony Kitowski who was far too strong for anyone to handle in those classes. Tony pulled and won 176 and 220 undefeated. Adam also beat Jack Weber lefty, and Josh beat Jim Jensen and Jim Larson with both arms. Great tourney!

March 1st, 2nd - the only thing worth noting from the Arnold Classic is Lupkes taking 3rd in a 20-man, very stacked super heavyweight class (199+). His wins include Shawn Turner and Chris Chandler. Dave Chaffee won the class and was able to roll him on day 1 and Don Underwood placed 2nd and flashed Richard in semi finals on day 2. Other than that, Handeland gave Phaup a good match in 76's (Phaup had actually had a warning and a foul). Yosef slipped with Snook (3rd place) then paused him in straps. And Jon Thompson slowed Mobley down a lot inside. They all went 0-2. Handeland slammed Tim Lewis afterwards in a challenge match for Undertow Films, 2-0 left and right.

January 19th, 2013 - Illinois State Championships! One of the biggest tournaments in the Midwest each year... Yosef wins 165's both arms with Josh Handeland taking 2nd both arms. Other pullers in this class included Chris Burke Sr., Jordan McGuire, Dan Stroud, John Klaus, and Bruce Guinzy. Jon Thompson took 3rd left and 2nd right in the 242's. He beat the guy who placed 2nd lefty, Nick Brown, first match of the day, but then had a long match with Doug Allen and lost and Nick was able to come back and get him. Nick is a strong puller who doesn't get out much but he beat some strong guys back at 2011 IL States so it was a great win for Jon to beat him once! Mark Cichy pulled supers and didn't fare to well righty but lefty he beat Harold Owens first match of the day! He then beat Matt Lively and ended up taking 3rd place behind Guntars Baikovs and Jon Vogt. Yosef also won the right hand overall over Jon Vogt and Brad Spine, winning $250!!! Good day for team MN.

December 1st, 2012 - Minnesota has GREAT success at Hooligans Armwrestling Tournament in West Fargo! Yosef wins the 176 lbs class right and left undefeated over tough competitors that include Jim Findley, Mike McGarry, and Clifton Erickson. Josh Handeland jumps up to the 225 class right (220 left) and wins right handed over Canadian Rob Lowe, with Bickett taking 3rd! He takes 4th left out of 9 with loses to Wessel and Low. By far the biggest upset and achievement though is Jake Wessel winning the left hand 177-220 class over Mike Barrett!!! Jake also took 3rd right in 98's out of 9 with an injured arm. Andrew Bieganski takes 2nd to Trapper Saltzman in right hand pro supers - Jeremy Emery wins his supermatch with Clifton Erickson 2-0 and then takes 2nd to Justin Dockter in right hand 54's - Matt Tucker wins the left hand 76 novice class over Steve Emery, and Steve wins right handed over Scott Emery with Matt taking 3rd. Jim Jensen proves to be too much for Scott and Steve though and beats both 2-0 in their supermatches.

November 17th, 2012 - Cabana Charlie's Armwrestling Challenge, Sycamore, IL - Josh Handeland wins 155-176 lbs class and takes 4th out of 8 in the 210-242 lbs. class. Adam King 2nd right and left in 177-209 behind Ryan Clark, and 3rd both arms in 210-242. Jon Thompson 2nd right and left in 210-242 and 3rd left in 243+. Ryan Clark won 209, 242, and 243+ both arms. All of Jon's losses were to Ryan except in 243+ left where he also took one loss to up and comer John Houston. Both John's actually gave Ryan some trouble lefty outside the strap! Jon T beat Handeland both arms (Handeland tried his luck left handed in the 243+ class but didn't place). Adam King also tried his luck right handed in the 243+ class but didn't place. He looked much quicker and his form looked better than ever before! Team MN is getting strong...

November 3rd, 2012 - MN Represents at the Kentucky Muscle Armwrestling Challenge in Louisville, KY, one of the largest tournaments in the USA. Josh Handeland placed 3rd right hand in the 144-154 lbs weight class behind Nationally ranked armwrestlers Brad Spine and Justin Bishop... and wins left handed!!! His 3rd place right hand finish also qualifies him for the 2013 Arnold Classic and he beat Alan Berget twice right handed, Alan Berget is a World Champion and was ranked 2nd in the Midwest Right Handed at 154. Yosef pulled the 155-176 lbs class and took 2nd right handed to Mike Phaup, who appears to have made big gains this year... and wins left handed over the legendary Bill Ballinger!!! Yosef also beats Bill Ballinger and Eric Walls right handed. Jon Thompson makes 242 again and places 2nd left to Adam Martin and 3rd right behind Martin and Rob Mobley... Rob won it and Jon actually took his hand and Rob won with a side pressure flop in a battle! All 3 of these Minnesotans will be en-route to the Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge in Columbus Ohio on February 28th (competing on March 1st and, hopefully, March 2nd).

September 22nd, 2012 - Rustic Inn Armwrestling Challenge in Stacy, MN. Not the biggest turnout ever but we had 3 states represented (WI, MN, and ND), plus Canada!!! We had several good matches, the best of which was probably Mike Gritti vs. Paul Belluz left handed in the 209 lbs. class. Also, Aaron Kruger took down big brother Adam Kruger in the left hand 210+ class and what a grinder that was!!! We did have one arm break, so please keep Ben Daggett in your thoughts and prayers. The biggest excitement of the tournament was probably aroused when Jeff Dabe showed up and showed off his ENORMOUS "Hulk Hands" and took the 210+ left hand class with ease, beating strong pullers such as Mark Cichy and Adam Kruger without even trying!!! Hopefully we'll see more of this guy in the future. Mark Cichy also defeated Andrew Bieganski twice for first place in the 210+ right hand class!!! For full results, go here: http://www.northeastboard.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=results&thread=25793&page=1

September 16th, 2012 - Como Cookout Novice Armwrestling Championships - Lots of good matches!!! Thanks team Eau Claire WI for representing! Videos coming soon!!! For full results, go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/299212033518973/?ref=ts

September 1st, 2012 - MN Represents at the Nebraska State Championships!!! They take home HALF of the men's open class state titles and take home $1264 out of a total of $3500! Josh and Yosef each win $466 by themselves. Josh wins the 0-154 lbs. class right and left, finally beating Heath McDonald righty. Yosef wins 155-176 right and left, beating Roger Nowatske right handed! Josh gets 3rd right and left in that class, losing right handed to Yosef and Roger and losing twice lefty to Mike McGarry (who takes 2nd). Mike Gritti demolishes the left hand 198 lbs. class with Yosef taking 2nd. Right handed Ben Brandt takes home his first cash prize and his first open class trophy by placing 2nd (to Roger Nowatske)! He placed over John Zvezdich (3rd), Adam King, Mike Gritti, and Mike McGarry, amongst others. Adam doesn't have his best day and Mike Gritti's right didn't look up to par but they'll be back. Jon Thompson loses 12 lbs. in an unpleasant 10 hours to make the 242 lbs. class but it's all worth it when he takes 3rd right and left! MN had no pullers present in the 243+ class, which went to Nick Zinna right handed and Trapper Saltzman left handed. Roller Derby chick Krysta Prior destroys the women's classes at her 2nd tournament ever with NO training (the first being SD States 2 weeks earlier, where she won over Mary McConnaughey!!!).

August 18th,  2012 - A trio of MN Pullers represents at the South Dakota State Armwrestling Championships. Josh placed 2nd right and left in the 176 lbs. class behind Mike Mcgarry and placed 2nd left handed in the 198 lbs. class but fails, for the first year since 2008, to take home a SD State Title. Adam King doesn't do so well in the right hand 220 lbs. class but he takes 2nd lefty behind Jason Cunningham, taking Jeff Bickett out in the semi-finals in a WAR!!! Mark Cichy impresses by taking 2nd right and left in the super heavyweight class. He looks unstoppable, taking down Jason Cunningham and big Roger with EASE... until he runs into Trapper Saltzman, who was, to put it simply, just too strong.

August 10th/11th, 2012 - Team MN represents at AAA National's in Indianapolis, IN! Josh takes 4th lefty and 3rd righty in the 144-154 lbs. class. Lefty he loses twice to Jeremy Fraley, who came back from the b side and won the whole thing. Righty he loses to Brad Paddock first match of the day and later ends up beating Brad in the semi-finals but then, after a 1 minute break, loses quick to Willie Lambert. Yosef Chalbi takes home his 2nd National Title in the left hand 155-165 lbs. weight class!!! He barely even got slowed down... Adam Cook takes 2nd. Right handed Yosef takes 2nd to veteran Scott Hazelwood from Michigan. Jon Thompson decided to pull novice right and ends up taking 4th out of 17 guys in the 221+ novice class!!! He also pulls pro left and although he goes 0-2, he gives both Blaine Middleton and Bull Huber some trouble! Anrew Bieganski makes 242 for the first time and although he doesn't do so well, he had a tough class, pulling the 2010 World Champion Dave Chaffee first round, and then meeting up with Adam Martin, who is ranked 3rd in the Midwest at 242. Overall the team did pretty well.

July 28th, 2012 - Josh Handeland and Adam King represent at the ND State Armwrestling Championships in Minot, ND. Josh takes 2nd in right hand 154 to Justin Dockter and 2nd in right hand 198 to Eric Gunsch. Lefty is 0-176 and Josh end up taking 4th, losing to Jim Findley from Canada on the a side and then losing fast to Dockter on the b side after beating Dockter earlier that day. Josh also pulls 209 left hand, and winds up taking 2nd to Adam King! This is Adam's first open class state title. Adam also won the 242 right hand amateur class and tried his luck in the 243+ right hand amateur class but didn't fare so well. Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMrTjMLfd58&feature=relmfu

July 26th, 2012 - Fillmore County Fair Armwrestling Tournament - none of the Minneapolis crew attended this year, but these are the results I've gathered, thanks to Cole Wilhelm for the info. 0-160 right hand Aaron Gillespie dominates. Lefty Brock Latman wins. 161-180 Shane McCabe wins righty. Lefty? Not sure. 181-210 right hand goes to Corey Lion. Larry Broadwater takes 2nd, Cole Wilhelm 3rd, Daryl Kunz's nephew 4th. Lefty Larry might have won. 210+ right and left goes to some huge unknown guy (not Mark Storley) with Hareldson taking 2nd and Grant at 3rd. Women's? No idea.

June 23rd, 2012 - Minnesota State Armwretling Championships is a huge success!!! Had competitors from 9 States (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota, California, Wyoming, and Colorado)! 147 entries, up from 93 last year and 41 two years ago. Look for us again next year, June 22nd, 2013! Results here: http://www.northeastboard.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=25183
Look for videos on www.myarmtv.com in the near future!!!

May 19th, 2012 - Minnesota does it's best at the Unified National Championships in Reno, Nevada. Yosef ends up winning 2 matches both right and left handed in the 165 lbs. weight class, beating Aaron Blevins which is a very big win for him!!! Josh wins 1 match left and 2 matches right in the 154 lbs. class but loses right handed to Simon Berriochoa and Kyle Knapp and left handed to Kyle Knapp and Ethan Fritsche. Yosef loses to Luke Kindt both arms and Ken McKinney right handed; Darren Wartena left handed. All tough guys to lose to. Richard Lupkes is also present and takes 2nd place right handed in to Jerry Cadorette, and dominates the Grand Masters class the following day both right and left handed!!! Videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/HandelandJ

April 21st, 2012 - Toproll Birthday Bash - Lake Lotawana, MO - Josh Handeland takes first right and left in the 154 class and 2nd right and left to Ethan Fritsche in the 176 class!!! He finally avenges his 2009 loss to Joe Zinna, and beats Luke Stanley twice to win left hand 154's. Jon Thompson placed 3rd left and 2nd right in the supers, and Mike Gritti has a tough match lefty with the first place finisher in the 198 class, Stuart Meurer, but Stuart gets the win on him this time. Next up - Unified National's!!! Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZvWyAM10OU&feature=youtu.be

March 24th, 2012 - MN Represents Huge at the 2nd Annual Pulling for Compassion tournament in Sioux Falls - 14 MN pullers were present!!! Andrew lost his supermatch with Trapper Saltzman but he put up a good fight. Mike Gritti won the right hand 198 lbs. novice class and took 4th in a STACKED open class right handed! Jake Newstrom left his mark in the 198 novice class, taking 4th. Bobby Schnieder won the 165 lb. novice class uncontested and won a couple matches in the 198 novice class. Mark Cichy had a tough class, right handed he beat Cliff Hall, but lost to National Champion Scott Lohmann and 1st place finisher Trapper Saltzman! Lefty he was able to scrape out a win on Andrew Bieganski, but lost to Jon Thompon, who impressed us more than anybody that night!!! Jon went 0-2 in the 199+ novice class, losing to Bob Crow, who took 1st, and some HUGE guy who took 3rd... and then Jon jumped in the open class and ended up taking 3rd both right and left!!! With wins over Cliff Hall right handed, Mike Cichy left handed, and an AMAZING win left handed over Cody Ovre (one of the most intense matches of the day!!!). John Grant didn't do quite as well right handed as he'd hoped; something in his hand popped in his first match with World Champion Al Bown - but he still managed to place 4th left handed, with a crazy win over Mike Gritti (I believe they are 3-3 now just within the last 6.5 months). Yosef won the left hand 165 lbs. class, beating pro's such as Handeland, Mike McGarry, and Jim Larson,  and took 2nd right handed to veteran Justin Dockter. Josh Handeland took 3rd left, behind Yosef and Justin Dockter. Left handed Josh lost his first match to Mike McGarry and came back up the B side, beating Dockter, Larson, and McGarry, but had nothing left for Yosef in the final. Yosef's left was unstoppable in that class. Ben Brandt was able to win a match in the right hand open class, over Jeff Cerny, but left handed he wasn't so lucky. Erin Meyer won the women's 0-150 lbs. class uncontested, and pulled Beth Saltzman at the end of the tourney and was able to beat her once, but Beth ended up winning 2-1. Rich Lupkes was also in the house, but only as a spectator.

You can see full results here: http://www.northeastboard.com/index.cgi?board=results&action=display&thread=24567&page=2

March 10th, 2012 - Fatboys Armwrestling Challenge Number 3 is a huge success!!! We had top competitors from Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Minnesota in the house! 69 total entries.

You can see full results here: http://www.northeastboard.com/index.cgi?board=results&action=display&thread=24456

March 2nd & 3rd, 2012 - Team MN represents at the Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge, possibly the most prestigious and the toughest tournament in North America!!! This tournament is right handed only. Erin Meyer took home 3rd place in the women's 0-143 lbs. class, easily beating Lori Larocque (the current 110 lbs. Canadian National Champion) amongst others!!! Her only loses were to Margie Ciaccio (many time World Champion ranked number 1 in the U.S. at 143 lbs) and Molly DeJohn (current 121 lbs. U.S. National Champion). Yosef impressed, taking home 4th place, with loses to Radoslaw Stron from Poland, and Paul Talbott. Yosef beat Marinos Pylarinos, a good up and comer from the Northeast, and Ryan "Hercules" Werner from Ohio, who took 2nd place at Kentucky Muscle out of 17 guys!!! Josh Handeland went 0-2, he had a war first round with Jeremy Kessler, who ended up taking 3rd, and then lost to Brad Spine on the B side. Both guys placed top 4, so Josh wasn't too upset, but wished he would have had a little better of a draw - but then again, it is the Arnold Classic!!!

February 11th, 2012 - Team MN has great showing at Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse Armwrestling Tournament in Bismarck, ND! Josh Handeland loses his first match left in an upset to Brooks Larson in the 170 class, and comes back to win the whole thing, beating Justin Dockter twice in the finals!!! He also loses his first match right handed to John Gunsch and comes back to take 2nd, beating John in a WAR in the semi-finals. Justin Dockter's right arm was too much for anybody though and he beat Josh swiftly. Meanwhile, in the 190 lbs. pro class, John Grant lost his 1st match to Eric Gunsch and came back to beat Eric in a WAR and take 2nd to Mark Davies (also a war). Mark beat Eric in the 190 class but Eric beat Mark in the 210 class, so all 3 of these athletes are as close as can be. Left handed was 171+ so John didn't do so good, both his opponents were well over 300 lbs. but John did give John Whitaker a really good match. Scott Emery took 2nd in the right hand pro 150 class. and got his 1st win in a pro class! Erin Meyer dominated the women's 130 lbs. class. Jake Newstrom won the 190 lbs. right hand amateur class with a good win over Brooks Larson. Left was, again, 171+, but Jake did take 3rd in the amateurs behind 2 guys that are borderline amateur/pro! Adam King didn't fare so well in the pro class, but he did take 3rd in the 210 right hand amateur class - his very first match of the day was against some guy from Missouri and it was an insane match! Adam was so close to the pad that I stopped cheering for him, thinking he had lost, and he came back!!! Andrew Bieganski didn't do so well right handed, but the supers were STACKED with some BEASTS!!! In fact, Andrew did better left than right, and took 3rd, with flash pins on Lee ? (veteran who started in the 80's or 90'), and newcomer John Whitaker!!! John Whitaker didn't do so well but for a newcomer he did (only his 2nd tourney), he beat John Grant left handed after a good battle. Roland had a tough draw right handed, but he did have a VERY convincing win over Dan White!!! Overall, GOOD JOB TEAM!!!

NOTE: Erin Meyer would like me to tell everybody that she is the number 1 female armwrestler in the state :D

January 21st, 2012 - MN has good showing at IL State Championships!!! As in the past, IL States had a great turnout and lots of National, Regional, and a couple World Class athletes were in attendance. Josh Handeland placed 2nd right and 3rd left in the 154's. Brad Spine beat him right but Josh was able to slow him down! Lefty Josh beat Luke Stanley but lost to Spine, who's left was unstoppable that day, and then Luke came back and beat Josh in the semi-finals. Yosef took 2nd right i the 165's and 2nd left in the 76's. Right handed he beat Brandon Redmond quickly in the prelims but Brandon came back to beat Yosef twice in the finals. Lefty Yosef's losses were, once again, to Redmond. Yosef had 2 very convincing wins on Eric Walls left handed. John Grant placed 4th left and 3rd right in the 98's. He beat Adriano right handed and had a very convincing win on Sterling Miles!!! Lefty he lost twice to Mike Gritti, one of our newer teammates, who ended up placed 2nd behind Josh Dale (who was on fire and won left and right handed). Mike also took 2nd in the right hand novice class, 198. Last but not least, Adam King was able to get his first open class win at a bigger tournament, and he also have Mike West a good pull! Overall a very good showing for Team MN.

December 10th, 2011 - Fatboys Armwrestling Challenge #2 is a success! A couple surprises were Adam Kruger getting a win on Tony Villa left handed, Jason Remer getting a win on Mike Barrett lefty and beating Mike righty, Chase Stratton dominating the right handed 4-way supermatch, and Barrett beating Chase lefty! For full results, visit: http://www.northeastboard.com/index.cgi?board=results&action=display&thread=23678&page=5

November 25th - December 4th - Josh Handeland goes to the WAF World Championships in Kazakhstan where he placed 8th left handed and 16th right handed in the 154 lbs. class!

November 5th, 2011 - Kentucky Muscle Armwrestling Challenge - MN Pullers present, Josh Handeland, Yosef, John Grant, Erin Meyer, Jake Newstrom, Adam King, and Richard Lupkes. Results: Yosef wins a few matches righty and places 6th or so out of something like 18 guys in the 76's, and Yosef placed 2nd lefty behind Scott Whitfield. Lupkes wins supers right handed undefeated - he didn't pull left. Erin Meyer goes undefeated in 143's and beats Molly Gonzales for the overall title!!! Jake Newstrom wins the left hand 198 novice class. Handeland, Grant, and King do not place.

September 23rd, 2011 - MIssouri State Championships - Josh Handeland 1st right and left 154's, Yosef first right and left 176's, John Grant 2nd right and 4th left 198's, Erin Meyer 2nd Women's 0-143 right, Adam King 1st place 177-198 Novice Right!!! Josh also won the best Sportsmanship Award! Team MN rocked it!!!!!!

September 18th, 2011 - Novice Tourney went well, no injuries! See videos here:

September 10th, 2011 - Fatboys Armwrestling Challenge was a big success!!! The highlight was Jason Remer entering into 6 classes, 187's, 209's, and Supers, right and left, and taking home 3 Gold's, 1 Silver, and Bronze's. Go here for full results: http://www.northeastboard.com/index.cgi?board=results&action=display&thread=22978&page=2


August 27th, 2011 - Hooligans Bar Armwrestling Tournament in Fargo, ND. This was Josh's first time pulling in ND. There are some strong guys in this state!!! I wish some of them would get out more as they could do well at larger tourneys. Eric Gunsch, Justin Dockter, and Anthony ? impressed me the most out of everybody, and Mark Davies looked strong, especially left handed. Josh beat Justin Dockter first match of the day in the 0-165 lbs. class, then lost to Jeremy Emery, who Josh was previously 5-0 with (Jeremy felt strooooong in Fargo), then beat Brooks Larson in a hook WAR and got flashed by Justin and took 4th. Anthony took 3rd, he got flashed by Justin and Jeremy but he flashed Brooks who Josh had a war with. I honestly believe that inside Anthony is one of the strongest dudes in the entire USA - maybe top 5 and for sure top 10. Justin is one of the quickest 54's. Justin came back to beat Jeremy twice. 187's was Mark Davies. 210's left was Mark Davies, with Adam King taking 2nd and John Grant 3rd - Adam beat John in a war in the strap! Right was Eric Gunsch, Mark Davies, and John Grant in that order. In the right hand supers, Andrew Bieganski found himself in the finals on the A side but lost (fouled out twice) to Perry Rzesnoski from Canada. Perry won Canadian Nationals right handed at 242 lbs. in 2010 and he trains with Mike Barrett - Andrew beat him in the prelims so that's a great win for him! Some really tall guy with huge arms/muscles took 3rd and gave Andrew a little bit of trouble. Lefty Andrew took 3rd with Perry taking 1st and the tall guy took 2nd - they had quite the match in the finals. There were only 2 women, both from MN, so they had a best of 5 supermatch - Danielle Radtke won the first 2 but Erin came back to win the next 3 in a row, all 3 matches in the strap, to win the match 3-2!!! Now all that is left is for her to beat Wendy and she will undeniably be the best female armwrestler in Minnesota!

August 20th, 2011 - SD State Championships at the Riverboat Days - Josh Handeland 1st place, 3 years in a row!!! This year, Josh won right handed in the 0-154 lbs. weight class over Mike McGarry, however, Mike did get one win on Josh. Jack Weber took 1st in the 177-198 left left handed weight class to secure his 2nd state title (his first being MN States earlier this year). Jack took 3rd left handed. Mike Kramer's nephew Austin also represented in the kids 7-9 year old class and took 2nd place to Trapper's son, whom he scored one win over in  the prelims. This kid could be a beast!

August 13th, 2011 - YOSEF CHALBI UNIFIED NATIONAL CHAMPION LEFT HANDED AT 165 LBS!!! Yosef also took 3rd right handed,  and Josh Handeland took 2nd place right handed in the 154 lbs. class to Geoff Hale. The Nationals took place in Mobile, Alabama.

July 30th, 2011 - Olmsted County Fair was represented hugely by MN Armsports. We were literally 95% of the tourney. Mike Hann was also in town from Texas and he attended; he took first right and left in the 160 lbs. class and took 3rd right in the supers. The supers was won by Andrew BIeganski right handed, and Adam Kruger left handed. Rett Houdek won the 210 lbs. class with both arms, and Adam's brother Aaron Kruger took 2nd with both arms. The 180 lbs. right hand class was won by Josh Handeland with Jeremy Emery taking 2nd, and the left hand 180 lbs. class was won by Jeremy. Josh took 2nd to Hann with both arms in the 160 lbs. class. It was a good time!

July 21, 2011 - Fillmore County Fair has a fairly low turnout this year, but the supers was STACKED!!! Over 10 guys. Probably 15 or so. Jack Weber won the 210 class right and left. Adam Kruger won the super heavyweight class right and left, but Jack beat him once left handed!

June 25th, 2011 - Minnesota State Championships is a great success!!! We had 96 entries and pullers from Minnesota, South Dakota, WIsconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska, California, Illinois, and Canada! For Minnesota Muscle, Josh won the right hand 0-154 lbs. weight class and Jack Weber won the left hand 177-198 left weight class. Danielle Radtke also won the women's Open right weight class.

Bob beat Josh on June 11th, 3-0. The Minnesota Muscle got beat down pretty good at the Compassion in Action Armwrestling Challenge in Sioux Falls.

Josh Handeland has been challenged by Bob Bishop to a best of 5 right hand supermatch! The match will take place at the Compassion In Action Challenge in Sioux Falls on June 11th. Check it out! http://www.northeastboard.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=tourneys&thread=21773&page=1

April 30th, 2011 - 3rd Minneapolis Novice Tourney was a great success! 16 year old Steve Emery from Grand Rapids won the lightweight class right and left with 20 year old Jake Wessel from Waukon, MN, taking the Middleweight AND Heavyweight titles right and left. Jake is no longer eligable to pull novice at Minnesota Armsport sanctioned tournaments. Danielle Radtke from Grand Rapids dominated the women's right and left open class and is also no longer eligible to pull novice at Minnesota Armsports tournaments! Videos:
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrGfkk7v7C0
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eyu2AWQrztM
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOolqEeoipo

March 19th - Parker Strong Arm Challenge in Parker, SD. Josh took 2nd right handed in the 54's to Heath McDonald, whom Josh held for several seconds, and beat Josh Wickre, which landed him a spot on the Midwest Rankings. Yosef took 4th right and 3rd left with loses to Corey Miller, Roger Nowatske, and Tim Pokorny. He was able to give Corey a good pull left handed and stopped a few of Roger's hits right handed, and also defeated Jim Larson left handed!!! Jack took 4th right handed in the 98's with loses to Sonny Larson and Roger Nowatske. He beat John Zvezdich very convincingly right handed. Andrew Bieganski took 3rd in the supers. Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLIT8lv1m9Q

March 3-5 - Arnold Classic. Josh Handeland overcut a bit and weighed in at 151 for the 154 class. Accompanying him to the Arnold were teammates Yosef and Paul Buchanan. Josh didn't do so well and went 0-2 with loses to Kris Mikels, who is one of the top pullers in the Nation at 154, and Joel Wickizer, a strong shoulder presser from Michigan. Andrew Bieganski also represented Minnesota and went 2-2 in the super heavyweight class. He beat Badger Drewes and Max Maxwell and took loses from Dave Chaffee (ranked 10th in the World) and Denis Cyplenkov (3rd in the World). Andrew ended up tying for 5th with Richard Lupkes. Rich had the match of the day against Denis and eventually after a couple minutes of pulling with at least 3 restarts, Denis was finally able to pin Rich. Rich still managed to beat Adam Martin, although it was a war, but unfortunately his forearm was just too blown up and he respectably bowed down to Tim Bresnan, who finished 4th. All of team MN had a lot of fun! Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SiVzZEiWE8

February 19th, 2011 - MN Armsports Represents at the 26th Annual Pull for the Hungry Regional Armwrestling Championships. Jacob Baker did well by placing 4th in the 221+ Right Hand Novice Class and Jack did very good by going 2-2 both right and left in his debut appearance in the open class (198's). Yosef completely dominated the 76's, nobody even gave him a match except Jim Coyle in the left hand finals when Yosef pulled slow with him. Right handed he beat/placed above Jim Coyle, Mike Shelton, Lance Whitehill, Tim Pokorny, and Joseph Hammond amongst others. Josh did not pull since it was 10 days before the Arnold Classic. Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLIT8lv1m9Q

A brand new guy named Jake Wessel comes to our house and puts the hurtin' on us! He has never armwrestled before. He is coming back again this week. Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa4R4Yx5lDM

Richard Lupkes in the Star Tribune January 23rd, 2011: http://www.startribune.com/sports/113822784.html

January 22nd, 2011 - Illinois State Armwrestling Championships. Josh Handeland takes 3rd in the 0-154 lbs. right hand class. Yosef takes 2nd in the 155-165 lbs. right hand class. Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHy2DQuViWw

Josh Handeland's 2010 Highlight Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a2eHVV7jVw

Richard Lupkes makes the Worthington Daily Globe Newspaper! See article here (hurry while it lasts): http://www.dglobe.com/event/article/id/44302/

December 16th, 2010 - 2nd Bi-Annual Como Tournament of Legends Results!
Supermatches: Adam Kruger over Andrew Bieganski 2-0 right handed, Adam Kruger over Josh Handeland 1-0 left handed (Josh pulls out with wrist injury)

Men's Lightweight Right Arm:
1. Jason Bauer
2. Steven Handeland
3. Cameron Easter

Men's Lightweight Left Arm:
1. Jason Bauer
2. Cameron Easter
3. Steven Handeland

Men's Middleweight Right Arm:
1. Jack Weber
2. Jordan Dick
3. Nick Wollan

Men's Middleweight Left Arm:
1. Mike Kramer
2. Paul Buchanan
3. Nick Wollan

Men's Heavyweight Right Arm:
1. Matt Brouse
2. Jack Weber
3. Paul Buchanan

Men's Heavyweight Left Arm:
1. Matt Brouse
2. Andrew Bieganski
3. Roland Kovalenoks

All Videos Can Be Viewed Here: http://www.youtube.com/user/HandelandJ

November 13th, 2010 - Josh Handeland and Andrew Bieganski both qualify for the Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge! This contest will take place in Columbus Ohio at the Arnold Classic Sports Festival on March 4th and 5th. Both Josh and Andrew took 4th place in their respective weight classes (154 & 243+). Yosef took 3rd in the left handed 155-176 lbs. weight class, beating Jeremy and Gary Kessler, and Adam Kruger took 3rd in the 243+ left hand class. Unfortunately, there is no left handed class at the Arnold, so they don't get to compete there. Josh and Andrew will join fellow Minnesotan Richard Lupkes at the Arnold in March. Videos coming soon!

Josh Handeland in the Star Tribune! Check it out! http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/104991389.html

September 18th - Team Minnesota does well at the Dublin Square Black Hills Pro-Arm in Rapid City, South Dakota. Richard Lupkes beats Chris Chandler 3-0 very convincingly and then beats him two more times to win the right handed super heavyweight division in the tournament. Left handed Rich took 2nd to Chris who's left was just too much for Rich to handle. Rich also dominated the right handed overalls. Yosef took 2nd right and left to Corey Miller in the 176 lbs. class. Josh won the 154 lbs. left handed class, beating Jess Hurley twice, but took 3rd right handed. Both of his loses were to Jess Hurley who placed first, After beating Josh once, Jess was knocked to the B side by Cody Lawrence, but came back to beat Cody twice in the finals. Yosef beat Jess with both arms in the 176 lbs. class. Andrew Bieganski placed 4th in the right handed super heavyweight pro class, losing to Luke Pulscher in a close match, and losing to Chris Chandler, and he won his first amateur title in the right handed super heavyweight class! Overall, team MN did really good. 
Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L5_TNdYIoM   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjnKoB_h0fw

Supermatch Set:
Richard Lupkes vs. Chris Chandler right handed at the Dublin Square Pro-Am September 18th! 6 round supermatch. Chris is looking solid and strong lately at near 240 lbs. but Rich is over 300 lbs. and is a brick wall. Chris will NOT be able to toproll him and very few people in the World can power through his arm; Chris is not one of them. Rich is the clear favorite but IF Chris can force him inside it might be interesting although Rich is still the favorite there as well. Josh expects Rich to be able to take Chris straight to the pad with a quick toproll, but you never know. Josh and Yosef will also be present at the tournament, and possibly Andrew Bieganski.

August 29th - Great Practice with lots of new teammates! All from within 45 minutes of Minneapolis. Josh, Yosef, Leroy Bonnett (been pulling since 1977 BUT hasn't been training consistently sine the early 90's), Adam King, Jack Weber (from Lakeville), and Jacob Baker (long time friend of Josh and Yosef). Things are getting exciting now!

August 22nd - Josh Handeland goes to the South Dakota State Championships at the Riverboat Days in South Dakota. Yosef has to work and can't make it so Josh makes the trek alone. Last year Josh took 1st in the open left 0-154 lbs. class and won his first novice win in the right hand 0-154 lbs. weight class. This year he was in the open right and left 155-176 lbs. weight class. He weighed in at 171 lbs. fully dressed with a full belly. His first match right handed was with Jeff Cerny who he knew had a dangerous toproll. Jeff beat Yosef last year in the 187 lbs. weight class after a long outside match. Josh turns Jeff inside right away and although Jeff holds him for a couple hits, Josh feels pretty comfortable with him inside. Then, Josh faces his Jim Larson right handed. Jim won the 187 lbs. class last year, flashing Yosef, and again beat Yosef in February. Josh knew he had to force Jim inside. Jim didn't fight much for the set-up and Josh felt very comfortable as the ref's were about to start the match. He had a sense that he was going to win. He sucked Jim inside right away and brought him lose to the pad and in the next couple seconds pinned Mr. Larson. Josh was extremely happy with the win, this is his first big win right handed. It should be noted that Jim was pulling the 198 lbs. class in addition to the 176 lbs. class and he'd already had 2 long matches in that class, but in the 176 finals Jim (after Jim flashed 3rd place finisher Jeremy Engles) Jim told Josh "My arm feels good again." Josh thought Jim was gonna get pissed and flash him, like Heath McDonald did the previous year, but Josh caught Jim's hit in the center of the table and didn't just pin him, but slammed his arm into the table for the South Dakota State Title! "Wow, good job." said Jim. Left handed Jim had too much for Josh and sent him to the B side first match, but Josh beat Jeff Cerny in a close match and then met up with Jim again in the finals. Jim flashed him left handed. The interesting this is, Josh's goal was to beat Jim left handed at this tournament and instead he ended up winning right, but losing left. This is also the first tournament that he has placed higher right handed than left handed.

Although Josh made the trek alone, Minnesota did represent. Andrew Bieganski made the trip down from Grand Rapids and took 2nd in the right hand superheavyweight class behind Chris Josten, who just had too much for him. Jack Weber from Lakeville came (and would have rode with Josh but he was already in SD). Jack went to 2 of Mary's tournaments a few years ago but we just met him at the Fillmore County Fair. He pulled the right hand 198 and 220 novice class at this tournament and won a few matches and ended up getting 4th in the 198 lbs. novice class. Left handed he won a couple in the 198 lbs. open class but did not place. Also representing MN was Roland from Fargo (wearing a Minnesota Armsports Shirt). Roland was unable to pull right handed because he's been experiencing severe elbow discomfort / tendinitis in his right elbow. Left handed he finished 3rd in the superheavyweight class, getting a good win over Tim Lewis! Roland brought one of his friends with from Minnesota, Mike Kramar. Mike should have been in the 176 lbs. weight class but he weighed in at 183 lbs. with all of his clothes on. This beind his first time ever on an armwrestling table, he decided to go in the right hand 198 lbs. novice class as well as the right hand 198 lbs. open class. First match of the day in the opens he beats Anthony Rederth (2009 MN State Champ, 2nd at last years SD States in 187 lbs. class)! Then after a long match he beats armwrestling veteran John Zvezdich! He beats several more guys and ends up taking 2nd in the open and 3rd in the novice... hmm, placing higher in the open than in the novice? That really tells you that the guys he lost to in the novice ARE NOT REALLY NOVICES!!! And they know who they are and if they ever read this NOVICE = NEW GUY = INEXPERIENCED. If you've been pulling for over 2 years and have wins on John Grant, Tim Lewis, have placed in the open, know how to armwrestling, MAN UP AND PULL OPEN/PRO!!! That's all I have to say. Videos:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0UTFZQQXnM&feature=email   (that's me pulling Mike at the end. I was very surprised that I beat him)

August 7th - Minnesota Armsports Represents at Nationals. Josh and Yosef are probably the lightest guys in the 165lbs / 75kg weight class as they make weight with all of their clothes on and aren't even dieting. Josh gets toprolled in the first match left handed by Blaine Lawrence, then loses to Todd Miller who ends up placing 4th out of 16 guys. Yosef wins his first match with Paul Licausi, who got 2nd in the 176 lbs. Juniors Class the day before, then gets beat quickly by Jason Cunningham from Nebraska. He then beats Blaine Lawrence who beat me in my first match, Yosef slipped out close to the pad but beat Blaine convincingly in the straps. Dustin Cook knocks him out of the left hand class, Dustin doesn't finish in the top 4 but is very strong, he gave Ethan Fritsche (3rd place) a run for his money. Right handed Josh loses his first match to Paul Talbott from Ohio, Paul has only been pulling since January but is extremely strong. He had a war with Devin Bair (4th place) and went through Kyle Knapp (current AAA National Champ). Josh then loses to Lenny Lockert after a close hook match. Josh thought he didn't have a chance inside with Lenny so he tried to toproll and Lenny sucked him in and got him stretched out on the go, Josh really wishes he would have hit him hard inside instead of trying to go outside and getting stretched out right away. Yosef gets a good win right off the bat and beats 61 year old armwrestling veteran Jim Coyle from Oklahoma by toprolling him in the straps. He then loses to Ethan Fritsche (1st place) and Tony Beggs. David Bauer ends up finishing 3rd left handed and 4th right handed in the 132lbs. / 60kg weight class. Brad Spine (1st place) crushes him right handed and Brent Norris (3rd place - 1st in 2009) gets him off the go. Left handed Brad also takes him down quickly and Chris Phillips, who has a lot of speed, is able to flash him. Richard Lupkes dominates the 243+ open right hand class, despite telling Mr. Gary Roberts how tough the competition was, he puts down Paul Fischer (2nd place) slowly in the finals. I don't think he even broke a sweat. The following day he wins the Grand Masters 221+ class and lands himself a column in the Billings Newspaper! Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUIHoWTNt9Y

July 22nd, Josh made 160 lbs. for the Matt Hahn Memorial Armwrestling Championships in Preston, MN, but they made him go up to the 161-180 lbs. class because they wanted to have some lower caliber pullers do well in the 160 lbs. class. Josh was upset at first, but then realised they made Brandon Hareldson (155 lbs.) go up to the 181-210 lbs. class, and made Yosef (170 lbs. fully clothed) go up to the 181-210 class! The turnout was smaller this year... the 160 class usually has about 12 competitors, they would have made 4 or 5 of them jump up to 180 but of the top 160's only me and Brandon showed up. The 180 class only had 1 other competitor left handed, Kyle Koch, but he is one of the best (got 3rd in 2009 behind Yosef and Brandon, stopped Brandon's hit, had a war with Yosef). Josh played with him... also played with him right handed (had a war with him last year!). Josh also beat Cole Wilhelm who was still smashing him in January, Cole placed 2nd right handed with Kyle taking 3rd. Josh won with both arms! In the 210 class, Yosef wasn't even slowed down right handed... he crushed Brandon for 1st! Left handed Yosef lost his first match to one of Brandon's friends but came up the B side, but the guy in the semi finals, and had some wars with Brandon in the finals but finally lost. Brandon 1st, Yosef 2nd left handed. In the supers Adam Kruger was unstoppable with John taking 2nd right and left. John Hokenstad took 3rd with both arms and beat our friend Jacob, and had a good match with John left handed. The weaker-than-usual 160 lbs. class was all Aaron Gillespie, he dominated with the left arm, and right handed Aaron beat Pete Reck in the prelims after a long match, and beat him quickly in the finals which is a good win for Aaron as he has never beaten Pete before (Pete flashed him in 2008, in 2009 they had a war with Pete winning). Overall I am glad they put me in the 180 lbs. class but I wish they would have let me go 160 and 180 so I could have gotten 4 1st places! Or else I should have jumped up to the 210 class left handed and battled it out with Brandon. Next year they will make me go 210 anyways! Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fzvFt-Ctnw     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXE1F25nZeU

Minnesota State Armwresting Championships had a successful first year. Hog Wild Saloon wants me to do another one in the winter! Full results here: http://www.northeastboard.com/index.cgi?board=results&action=display&thread=19010&page=2

Josh Handeland takes 2nd place right and left handed at the Kansas State Championships in the 155-176 lbs. weight class. Right handed he goes down to 60 year old Jim Coyle who's arms are solid, and left handed he lost to Stuart Meurer (ranked 9th left in the Midwest). Josh's goal was to beat Stuart and they had some wars, but Stuart took the gold. Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z32CetSdQc

Como Tournament of Legends - novice only tournament Josh Handeland puts on at Van Cleve Park in Minneapolis - is a huge success! 50 entries, all novices. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuR6NqmoRys

Josh Handeland takes 4th place right and left at Blue Chips Casino Armwrestling Championships in Michigan City, Indiana. Yosef takes 3rd right and 2nd left! They were both pulling in the 155-176 lbs. weight class. Yosef beat Josh right handed, but they never pulled left handed. Videos can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKm28KjrUHM

Josh Handeland wins the Pull for the Hungry Regional Armwrestling Championships in the 0-154 lbs. weight class, right and left! He also takes 3rd left handed in the 155-176 lbs class. Yosef gets 2nd right and left in the 155-176 lbs. class behind Bobby Green. Good showing by the MN Muscle! Here's the videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yExOeTdhHdQ&feature=player_embedded

Josh Handeland takes 2nd place left handed at the Fireside Lounge Armwrestling Championships in the 0-176 lbs. weight class. Yosef wins and takes 2nd right behind John Wickre, whom he gets a win on. He also beats Heath McDonald!

Video can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgxuvgZ-Ys8

Minnesota Muscle represents at Mickey's Irish Saloon's Armwrestling Tournament in Rochester, MN. Josh wins the left hand 0-160 lbs. class with ease, but gets 2nd right handed behind local champ Jason Meyerhoffer - Josh beats Jason once however. Aaron Gillespie gets 3rd with both arms. Yosef wins the 180 lbs. class right and left easily, beating Jason Meyerhoffer. No entries in the 210 lbs. weight class. Adam Kruger wins the supes right with John Grant taking 2nd. Adam also wins the supers left, with Josh taking 2nd over John Grant (3rd)! Erin Meyer wins the womens class very easily. What's next? Fireside Lounge on March 20th, Josh and Yosef will be coming in the 176 class with whoever else is game. Josh is pPersonally hoping to win left and place right in the 176's.

Josh Wickre beats Josh Handeland 2-0 at Big Dummy's Pub Armwrestling Challenge, then throws up $50 for a left hand match, saying if Handeland wins he gets the $50 but if he wins, Handeland doesn't have to pay anything. Josh Handeland wins 2-0 and takes the dough. He also beats Wickre in the tournament right handed and takes 4th, and takes 3rd left, holding Jim Larson just above the pad with a straight wrist for about 2 seconds. Corey Miller wins the class with both arms. Yosef takes 3rd right and 4th left, right handed he holds Jim Larson for a couple seconds. John Grant takes 4th left in the 220+ class, beating Corey Miller in a tough match (Corey pulled all 8 classes). Erin Meyer takes first in the 0-145 lbs. class. This was the 3rd toughest tournament I have competed in (hardest, 2008 165 lbs. ROTN pro class, 2nd hardest, 2009 Brass Rail Toproll Tournament 155-176 lbs. class).
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDkiSPUtuGg&feature=player_embedded

Josh Handeland vs. Josh Wickre best 2 out of 3 at Dummy's Pub Armwretling Challenge on Saturday! John Grant and Yosef will also be in attendance at the tournament. See me getting flashed by Wickre in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyUj-0cP83k
and getting left hand revenge on him here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fMjO0WDPUA
our supermatch is only right handed this weekend though.

Toproll Open Season 2009: Josh 0-2, Yosef 0-2, John Grant 0-4. Toproll Open Season 2010: Josh Handeland 2-2 left (2nd!), 2-2 right (3rd) o-165 lbs., John Grant 2-2 right and left 220's (0-2 right supers), Yosef Chalbi 2-2 right and left (4th place) 185 lbs. Video:


Yosef Chalbi, Missouri State Champion!!!!! Yosef took 1st in the right hand 176 lbs. class at Missouri States on December 5th out of 8 competitors. He also takes 3rd left handed. Josh Handeland takes 2nd left handed (behind Jeremy Plaster) and 4th right handed. Adam Kruger wins the 199+ left hand novice class and gets 2nd (to Matt Lively, who he holds for a couple seconds) in the 243+ left hand open class (while weighing 250 fully dressed). Right handed he lost to Lively and then fouled out in a long match with 165 lbs. Unified National Champion Shawn Dempsey.
Video can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi8IK2ayWlQ   Part 1      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTcLxLJg948   Part 2

The Minnesota Muscle Wristwrestling Team gets 2nd place at the 2009 WNWWA World Wristwrestling Championships (5 teams,winning team had 20+ competitors)! With only 4 teammates, the MN Muscle won 8 Golds, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronzen. Josh Handeland wins his first Wristwrestling World Titles in the Flyweight class (155 lbs.) right and left handed! Jason Bauer wins the 16 year old World Title and gets 3rd left handed in the adult 125 lbs. weight class! Yosef gets a run of bad luck in the 175 lbs. right hand class and has a 2 and a half minute WAR with Sam Rucker (Master World Champ - Yosef wins). Left handed Yosef takes 3rd. DAVE BAUER WINS 5 GOLDS and 1 SILVER! Golds left handed in the 116, 125, and 141 lbs. weight class, right hand 116 and 125 lbs. class - Silver in right hand 141 lbs. class. He won his 14th World Title in the 116 right hand class and his 9th title left hand in the 116 class.

Josh Handeland wins the 165 lbs. ROTN Medal Class right and left beating rival Scott Harris with both hands (Scott takes 2nd). Yosef gets 2nd right and left in the 198 lbs. medal class. John Grant and Adam Kruger pull the 199+ medal class, which was stacked, and although neither of them place top 3 they both win at least 1 match with each arm.

LEAVING FOR THE ROTN AT 12:30 TOMORROW (FRIDAY OCTOBER 9TH)!!! From Minnesota: Josh Handeland 165 medal class right and left, Yosef Chalbi 198 medal class right and left, John Grant and Adam Kruger 199+ medal class right and left........ and our professional MN representative, Marty O'Neil in the 198 PRO RULER OF THE NATION CASH CLASS!!! Hopefully we all get medals... and I think Marty definitely has a chance at winning money though the classes are loaded, in the 198 right hand class they are paying down to 8th place because it is the most stacked. Will most likely have to update the United States Rankings next week and also MIDWEST rankings will be added!

Josh wins the Minnesota State Championships left handed in the 0-176 lbs. weight class, Yosef wins right handed in the 0-176 lbs. weight class! Marty O'Neil wins the 220 and 221+ right hand class and the 199+ left hand class. Newcomer Adam Kruger (been to 3 local tournaments and 1 practice) impresses everybody, beating Jerry Remer right and left handed, and placing 2nd place right handed in the super heaviest behind Marty, but he beat Trapper Saltzman (3rd), he also smashed John Grant and Tim Lewis. Looks like he has a LOT of potential. Erin Meyer easily wins the 132 lbs. and 176 lbs. weight classes.

September 19th, 2009: Yosef Chalbi wins the 176 lbs. right and left hand open classes at the Whistle Stop Days Armwrestling Championships! Nobody even slowed him down, his hit was strong and he looked very powerful. Josh Handeland won the 176 novice class and got 2nd behind Yosef in the left hand open class.

September 5th, 2009: New team member? Adam Kruger attended 3 local tournaments in Minnesota, driving as far as an hour and a half to get to them, and beat everybody, including John Grant, in the 210+ class. He did all this with the worst stance and technique imaginable. On September 5th he attended practice and it really seemed like he will stick with armwrestling. Once he comes to a few practice, gets his technique down, and starts to develop tendon strength, he'll be a force to reckon with! He weighs 240 lbs.

August 22nd, 2009
Josh Handeland wins the South Dakota State Armwrestling Championships left handed in the 0-154 lbs. division! Marty O'Neil comes out of a 5 year retirement for this tournament and takes an honorable 2nd place right and left handed in the 220 lbs. weight division, putting up a good fight against one of the best 198 lbs. armwrestlers in the USA, Sonny Larson. Yosef Chalbi takes a respectable 3rd place left handed in the 187 lbs. weight class.

Older news: August 15th, 2009
Yosef Chalbi wins the Canton Days Off Armwrestling Championships right and left in the 180 lbs. weight class, beating Brandon Hareldson right handed, who takes 2nd. Josh Handeland wins the 160 lbs. weight class left handed, beating Brandon who takes 2nd, but Josh takes 2nd to Brandon right handed. Josh also takes 2nd to Yosef left handed in the next class up, the 180 lbs. weight class. A few girls, who declare Josh and Yosef professional armwrestlers after watching them beat Brandon, get their pictures taken with the two of them.

August 8th, 2009
Richard Lupkes of Worthington, Minnesota, loses his Heavyweight Toproll Belt to Ron Bath. Although Richard puts up a good fight against Ron, Ron is just too powerful and he takes Rich's arm to the pad 3-0. Rich will be getting surgery on his back, where he reptured a disk, hopefully the surgery goes well so he can be back to smashing arms at the table soon!

Video can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL4-wukFNUg

In the tournament, Josh Handeland surprises everybody, including himself, and takes 2nd place left handed in the 0-154 lbs. left hand class, behind Jeremy Plaster, who Josh holds for a few seconds.