Conduct Statement

The MIT Tango Club strives to provide a positive and encouraging environment for dancers to discover tango, to practice their skills, and to interact respectfully with others who enjoy the dance. We have certain expectations of our members and guests.  We expect that all attendees of MIT Tango-related events will treat others with respect and in a manner which complies with both MIT university policy and Massachusetts state law. This includes, but is not limited to, matters related to privacy rights and the procurement of materials for commercial use. Individuals who violate applicable policies will be asked to stop, and may be escorted from the premises. It is our hope that such action should not be necessary if individuals follow the guidelines listed below:

1) Please take care to behave respectfully and appropriately towards others. 

2) Unless specifically authorized by an MIT Tango Club officer for the duration of a particular MIT Tango event, please refrain from filming or photographing others without their prior consent. 

3) Please refrain from advertising your services during MIT Tango events. 

4) If you consider yourself to be a professional tango teacher, please behave professionally. MIT resources should not be misappropriated by unaffiliated individuals. 

5) In keeping with the above, please refrain from utilizing MIT Tango events as a locale to recruit dancers to become your tango students by pressuring them or asking others to pressure them to take classes with you. 

6) If you, or someone you know is the subject of inappropriate behavior or harassment, please notify an MIT Tango Club officer.