MIT Tango hosts free, unguided practice sessions ("practicas") at one of various locations around campus twice a week. Practicas are open to everyone, and no partner is required. These sessions are designed to provide a safe environment for learning-- a space to work on your technique, dance with new people and to solicit as well as offer, thoughtful, constructive feedback. Importantly, this is the place for beginners to gain valuable dancing experience and seek help/advice from more experienced dancers in order to prepare for other social dancing contexts, such as local tango dance events ("milongas"), festivals or marathons. Remember that there is no substitute for hours spent walking around the dance floor. 

Note: MIT prohibits use of any powder (e.g. baby powder/talc) on the floor. We kindly ask you not to use it during MIT practicas or milongas.


Time: 8-11 pm
April 2: DJ Mike @ 36-112
April 9: DJ Catherine @ 36-112
April 16: DJ Alla @ 36-112
April 23: DJ Zied @ 36-112
April 30: DJ Zied @ 36-112
May 7: DJ Rebecca @ 36-112
May 14: DJ Zied @ 36-112
May 21: DJ Aizhan @ 36-112
May 28: DJ TBD @ 36-112
June 4: DJ Boris @ 36-112


Time: 8-11pm
April 5: DJ Jessica "La Vitrolera" @ W20-491
April 12: DJ Catherine @ 36-112
April 19: DJ Nanying @ W20-491
April 26: DJ Grisha "El Oso Russo" @ W20-491
May 3: DJ Dennis @ W20-491
May 10: DJ Jessica "La Vitrolera" @ W20-208 (Lobdell!)
May 17: DJ Alla @ W20-407
May 24: DJ Azriel @ W20-202 (Sala de Puerto Rico!) with LOCA TangOH Festival!
May 31: DJ Rebecca @ W20-491
June 7: DJ Aizhan @ 36-112


Google Map

Student center, building W20 
    -W20-201 (West Lounge) is on the second floor 
    -W20-208 (Lobdell) is on the second floor
    -W20-491 and W20-407 are on the 4th floor

Building 36
 (50 Vassar Street)
    -36-112 is on the first floor 

Building 66 (25 Ames Street)
    -66-168 is on the first floor 


If you have any questions about our practicas please e-mail