The MIT Tango Club offers several tango classes by our resident teaching Teachers. All MIT Students receive the Fundamentals I and II classes for free!

Course name  Teachers Weekday Time (pm)  Location  Start End 
Intro to TangoW&ZThursday7:00 - 8:30
36 -156
 Fundamentals I Cancelled!K&Y Thursday 7:00 - 8:3036 -1563/05 3/26 
Intermediate I Cancelled!PamelaWednesday7:00 - 8:3036 -1562/123/25

Important Notes:
Classes are cancelled for the rest of the semester, please email us for a refund!
- If you attend the above classes, please join our MIT Tango Classes page on Facebook. This group is reserved only to students attending the classes.
- Please register on the appropriate forms above even if you plan to attend only part of the series. Payment will be done at the door.


Free! for MIT students
$60 for MIT staff/faculty/affiliates/alumni + non-MIT students (or $10/class drop-in)
$90 for general public (or $15/class drop-in)


Free! for MIT Tango Student Club Members
$60 for MIT students/staff/faculty/affiliates/alumni + non-MIT students (or $10/class drop-in)
$90 for general public (or $15/class drop-in)


Advancing Tango: Fine-Tune Your Senses and Polish Your Moves (7-8:30pm)
In this class you will improve your perceptions and enhance your ability to communicate with your partner, bringing clarity and greater partnering success for leaders and followers. These essential skills not only make tango feel good, they will help you refine your moves and learn to create variations and improvisation you can bring to the milonga. Please register using the link in the table at the top of the page!


Intro to Tango (7:00 - 8:30 pm) - Teachers: Wendy & Zied (Classes 1-2), Katie & Yves (Class 3)
Welcome to tango! These intro classes are designed to help you discover tango and to get your body moving! Open to all, no partner necessary.  Please wear comfortable clothes and non-rubber soled shoes that you can pivot in. Please register using the link in the table at the top of the page!
Fundamentals I: The Building Blocks (7:00 - 8:30 pm) - Teachers: Katie & Yves
Suitable for complete beginners, those who have been introduced to tango recently, and those seeking a review of essential elements. This series will provide and reinforce the basics of movement in tango, and a primer on the social customs or "códigos" of tango. Please register using the link in the table at the top of the page!

 Topics Considered
 Fundamentals I
Walk, Connection, Salida, check-step turn.

Change of weight, Baldosa, La Cruzada. Simple sequences incorporating figures.
Cross foot system. Sequences in cross and parallel incorporating figuresIntroduction to the Ocho Cortado, in parallel and cross system. Simple sequences incorporating it.Forward/Back Cross Steps, Ochos. Various sequences using common figures in different orders.Molinetes. Adding turns to the dance. Sequences that incorporate walking and turning.


Unless otherwise indicated, no partner is required for taking tango classes at MIT (occasionally, partnered seminar courses have been offered in the past at an advanced level), but you are of course free to take classes with a partner if that is what you want.