MIRU2014 第17回画像の認識・理解シンポジウム

Call For Paper (PDF) (3.0MB)

MIRU2014 Call for participation


The 17th Meeting on Image Recognition and Understanding (MIRU2014) will be held on July 28-31, OKAYAMA CONVENTION CENTER, Japan. MIRU2014 is organized to give researchers an opportunity of discussion based on recent advances in the fields of foundation and application of image recognition and understanding.

電子情報通信学会パターン認識・メディア理解 (PRMU) 研究専門委員会〔後援〕おかやま観光コンベンション協会


Important dates

 March 6th (Thu) 24:00 (JST)
Deadline Extended
査読付発表 アブストラクト登録締切
Title & Abstract submission for refereed presentation
Author Guidelines for Submission
Submission Site

 March 14th (Fri) 24:00 (JST) 
Deadline Extended 
査読付発表 投稿締切 (4ページ)
Report submission for refereed presentation (up to 4 pages)
Author Guidelines for Submission
Submission Site

March 14th (Fri) 24:00 (JST)   
査読付発表 添付資料締切
Supplementary materials submission for refereed presentation

 April 24th (Thu) 査読付発表 結果通知
Notification of acceptance for refereed presentation

 May 7th (Wed)

CVA掲載論文 最終原稿〆切 (5ページ)
Camera ready for CVA paper (up to 5 pages)

 Jun 11th (Wed)

Extended Abstract集カメラレディ締切(査読付き論文,一般論文およびデモ論文)
Camera ready for extended abstract (refereed presentation, general presentation, and demo presentation)
Author Guidelines for Submission
Submission Site

 July 17th (Thu)
事前参加登録 締め切り
Online Registration Deadline