Event Schedule

Lake Harriet Information & Schedule
  1. Safety Information
    • all swimmers must be present for safety briefing (15 min before each swim)
    • know the course and follow buoys
    • wear the event swimming cap
    • use kayak support if needed (4-6 kayaks on course; additional spotters are welcome with their own kayak and must check in with director)
    • use medical support if needed (5 medical - EMT or lifeguard)
    • swimmers participating in both 1 & 2 mile - after swimming the 1 mile, you will be automatically checked in for the 2 mile; you must inform director if you choose NOT to swim the 2 mile
    • weather - if strong winds, heavy rain or lightning are present, event(s) may be delayed or cancelled with no refund
  2. Planned Schedule
    • 1-mi check in (6:30a-7:00a)
    • 1-mi safety meeting (7:15a)
    • 1-mi start (7:30a)
    • 1-mi course closed (8:15a)
    • 2-mi check in (7:30a-8:00a)
    • 2-mi safety meeting (8:15a)
    • 2-mi start (8:30a)
    • 2-mi course closed (9:45a)
    • All awards will follow 2-mi
  3. Course/Site info
    • 1-mile will be two counter-clockwise loops of a 1/2-mile triangle
    • 2-mile will be four clockwise loops of a 1/2-mile triangle
    • location - beach is on the north side of the lake (just east of the band shell)
    • parking - off street parking; plan on a 3-10 min walk to the each; at the beach the road is one-way (heading west)
  4. Awards & Food
    • bananas, granola bars or race rolls, and water available for participants after the swim
    • t-shirt (distributed first to those registered by Sat, 6/21/14)
    • traditional rubber ducky (top 3 in each age group with conforming suits)


DATES:           Stage I (Lake Harriet 1 mi & 2 mi)  - Saturday, June 28, 2014

                    Stage II (Lake Minnetonka 5 mi) - Saturday, July 26, 2014

                    Stage III (Lake Rebecca 5k) - Saturday, August 23, 2014

                    Stage IV (JJ Hill 2 mi & 1 mi) - Saturday, September 7, 2014




                    Check-In            6:30A-7:00A (1 MI); 7:30A-8:00A (2 MI)

                    Safety Meeting     7:15A (1 MI); 8:15A (2 MI)

                    Event Start         7:30A (1 MI); 8:30A (2 MI)   
                    Course closes       8:15A (1 MI); 9:45A (2 MI)

                    Awards              9:45A both


2014 - 10 Mile OWNC

THURSDAY (07/24/14): 

7:00AM        Optional lake swim from Wayzata Beach (up to 1 hour)

7:00PM        Optional lake swim from Wayzata Beach (up to 1 hour)

FRIDAY (07/25/14):  PRE - RACE DAY

7:00AM        Optional lake swim from Wayzata Beach (up to 1 hour)

5:00PM        10-Mile Technical/Safety meeting at Wayzata Beach



10-Mile Event (OWNC)

5:00AM–5:30AM    All Swimmers check-in at Wayzata Beach, caps, body marking/numbered, warm-up, etc.

5:45AM            Mandatory pre-race Meeting & Instructions

6:00AM           • First wave of 10-Mile (6 hr+ seed times)

6:30AM           • Second wave of 10-Mile (5 - 6 hr seed times)

7:00AM           • Third/Final wave of 10-Mile (< 5 hr seed times)

5-Mile Event

7:00AM–7:30AM    All Swimmers check-in at Excelsior Beach, caps, body marking/numbered, warm-up, etc.

7:45AM            Mandatory pre-race Meeting & Instructions

8:00AM           • First wave of 5-Mile (3 hr+ seed times)

8:10AM           • Second wave of 5-Mile (2.5 - 3 hr seed times)

8:20AM           • Third wave of 5-Mile (2.25 - 2.5 hr seed times)

8:30AM           • Fourth/Final wave of 5-Mile (< 2.25 hr seed times)

9:30AM           10-Milers must make half-way turn around at Excelsior Beach

9:45AM           5-Milers must pass half-way point

12:30PM          Course closes

6:00PM            Awards Dinner Cruise


SUNDAY (07/27/14)

6:30 AM        Wayzata Beach "cool down swim" and breakfast/coffee at Sunsets.