TCOWHM - 13.1 miles of swimming!

This event involves FOUR stages: 
  • Stage I:    1 & 2 mile swims in Lake Harriet (06/27/15),
  • Stage II:   5k swim in Lake Rebecca (07/18/15) 
  • Stage III:   5 mile swim in Lake Minnetonka (08/8/15), and
  • Stage IV:   2 & 1 mile swims in Lake Minnetonka (9/12/15).  
Stage I -  Lake Harriet is a picturesque lake in the fabulous "Chain of Lakes."  The paved trail around the lake measures almost 2.99 miles and the stunning Band Shell hosts concerts all summer

Stage II - Lake Rebecca is a wonderful lake that was inundated by the Mississippi River during the flood in the spring of 2001.  It is a haven for wildlife and is part of the Three Rivers Park District Trumpeter Swan restoration program.

Stage III - Known as the Minnetonka Challenge, this portion of the TCOWHM requires each participant to be escorted by a paddler (canoe/kayak).  Swimming from Excelsior Beach to Wayzata Beach, this straight, five-mile stretch has challenged swimmers with wind, waves, and no turns!  Occasionally, there have been a select few participants to cross Lake Minnetonka twice!  This accomplishment inspired our 10-mile OWNC.

Stage IV - Back to Lake Minnetonka for the final stage during the Wayzata's "JJ Hill Days".  There are many events that weekend including street fair, water skiing show, ferry rides, dachshund races, box car races, and more!