About the Building:

Architect Joyce White of White & McGinn designed the community building.

The design style compliments the appearance and character of the existing school to which the community building is attached. The building has been constructed using sustainable materials and technologies wherever possible and these include bore holes, a heat pump and solar panels to provide the energy for the heating and the hot water system.

The Centre is named the Mercat Centre after the Mercat Cross which still stands in the old part of Milton Village. Mercat Cross is the old Scottish term for a market cross; they were erected in Scottish cities and towns where trade and commerce were a part of everyday economic life. It was originally a place where merchants would gather to talk and trade, and later became the focal point of many town events such as announcements, proclamations or even executions!

Please be assured that we are not planning on holding any executions at the Mercat Centre so it is perfectly safe to come and visit us!

Development officers Hazel Bailey (left) and Mairi Crow cut the first sod to start the construction of the new commiunity building at Milton.

Hazel and Mairi cut the first sod for the new community centre

Milton old village, the Mercat cross stands on grassed area to the right of the picture.

About Kilmuir and Logie Easter:

Kilmuir and Logie Easter covers the geographical area of the former parishes of Kilmuir Easter and Logie Easter, the area covered by the present day Kilmuir and Logie Easter Parish Church. It comprises the villages and rural areas of Milton, Kildary, Barbaraville, Balintraid, Delny, Scotsburn, Lamington, Logie Hill, Newfield, and Arabella. Due to the industrial development of the area in the 1970s, with the construction of the Invergordon Aluminium Smelter and the Nigg Oil Construction Yard, the population of the area grew significantly, with the village of Milton in particular being considerably expanded.

Where 5 schools served the area a century ago, there is now one school, Milton Primary School, with secondary education being provided by the nearby Invergordon and Tain Academies.

Milton village, as the largest population centre, besides having the primary school, has a bowling club, local shop and Milton Inn, one of two pubs in the area, (the other being the Shandwick Inn near Kildary) and now the new Community Centre building.

In the early 1900s there were two churches for each of the Church of Scotland, the United Free Church of Scotland, and the Free Church of Scotland. Now there is only the one Church of Scotland congregation, which uses two buildings month about, and is a significant force in community life.

The Log Cabin in Milton Woods

Kildary Loch

Shandwick Inn, Kilmuir Church, Barbraville, Woodlands skate ramp.