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Grow and Multiply Presentation

Thank you for your interest in Grow and Multiply Ministry!

We offer the following workshops: 

How to start a cell church, a home group based church or a house church-Células.  
12 Conferences that will guide your ministry to focus in God's values and God's principles of growing. The workshops are offer in 3 months for the whole church or a weekend for the leaders.
 Biblical Stewardship-Mayordomía Bíblica.
Bible principals to manage your finances, reduce your expenses, live free of debts and be a faithful steward. The conferences are offered in one month stewardship campaign for the church or as workshops for leaders of finances.
Sign Language classes-Ministerio con los sordos.
This workshops train leaders to open a ministry in the church to reach out the deaf people. The workshops are offered in 2 months  or in 1 month intensive course.