Lagotto Romagnolo, Ontario, Canada

We are located just an hour east of Toronto, Ontario.  Our dogs live with us on our 100 acre farm, enjoying the wide outdoors with lots of opportunity to run and learn.
This wonderful dog is an ancient breed that originated in the Romagna area of Italy and was originally a water retriever, but has more recently been trained to find truffles.  They also make an excellent family dog, with a non shedding coat and low allergen level.

Our mission is to raise healthy, high quality Lagotto Romagnolo to make excellent pets and working dogs. 

Here is a link to an explanation of the breed colours with images:

I discovered this breed by chance, and having loved the curly coated breeds for all my life I decided to do some research.  After visiting wonderful breeders in Australia, Italy and the United States, I made up my mind it was the breed to add to my life.
We would like to welcome Maria Luisa to our Lagotto family.  She arrived September 12th, 2014. JE -/+ FF -/- LSD -/- HD Good (Now retired)


Two of our other breeding females, Aletta and Adrina at 5 months age (October 2013)
Adrina and Aletta, having a nap. They arrived from Italy in July 2013.
Adrina has passed away, but we kept her daughter in our breeding program.

This is our foundation dog Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Romina.  She arrived from Italy in March 2012. 
Our dogs originate from European breeding lines.  We blood test our dogs for genetic diseases as well as doing hip and eye assessments.
This is our new stud dog, Lavante, who arrived from Italy in April 2015
JE normal, LSD normal, FF normal, HUU normal CERF normal
These two are siblings Barry and Bea who arrived from Italy in December 2016
JE carriers, LSD normal, FF normal, HUU normal CERF normal

 To look at our dogs' pedigrees please click on this link:

Member of the Canadian Kennel Club
Member of Lagotto Club of America
Canadian Lagotto Romagnolo Association (not presently a member due to questionable clause in code of ethics:price fixing)