I teach both undergraduate and graduate courses with topics spanning German and European literature, culture, and philosophy since the eighteenth century. 

In Spring 2014, I teach a graduate course on "The New: The Emergence of Artistic Innovation in the Eighteenth Century." The course meets TuTh 4 – 5:15, Woodburn Hall 205. It is cross-listed with Comparative Literature (German G-573, Comp Lit C-529). Here is a course description. 

I teach a four-week, English-language course in Berlin. "Sites of Memory: How Berlin Remembers and Forgets Its Past" looks at the way the city lives not in the present alone, but consists of multiple layers of remembrance and forgetting. For more information, including a syllabus, see the Office of Overseas Study. The blog students maintained last summer gives a lively sense of the program.

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