Michel Chaouli
I teach in the Department of Germanic Studies at Indiana University. I also direct the Center for Theoretical Inquiry in the Humanities, which I helped found. I am an adjunct of Comparative Literature and Cognitive Science.

My intellectual interests and the courses I teach focus on aesthetic theory, literature and philosophy, and literature and science, usually around texts from the German and European tradition beginning in the eighteenth century.

Some recent and upcoming work:
  • Just published: "Criticism and Style," a first pass at writing a manifesto on criticism; plus an essay on aesthetic ideas in Kant's Critique of Judgment
  • Talk at 2014 MLA in Chicago on "Kant's Joke"
  • An essay on why it matters if we know an artist to be living or dead, and an op-ed on circumcision, both in the German weekly Die Zeit
  • Berlin Summer Program for IU students takes place in June 2014