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Polygon Playground Website

Young Elementary Sites 

Illuminations Activities and links  

K - 2 Addition Basic Facts

Stop the Clock 1   Telling time in 1/2 hour intervals   Stop the Clock 2  Telling time in 15 minute intervals

Stop the Clock 3   Telling time in 5 minute intervals     Stop the Clock 4  Telling time to the minute intervals

Stop the Clock 5   Telling time in  Military time 24 hours    Stop the Clock R Matching written to a graphic match

AAA Math  Comparing numbers  

Shark Pool Place Value

Greater Than and Lesser Than Symbols                       

Symbol Meaning Example in Symbols Example in Words
> Greater than
More than
Bigger than
Larger than
7 > 4 7 is greater than 4
7 is more than 4
7 is bigger than 4
7 is larger than 4
< Less than
Fewer than
Smaller than
4 < 7 4 is less than 7
4 has fewer than 7
4 is smaller than 7
= Equal to
Same as
7 =  7 7 is equal to 7
7 is the same as 7

  Math Sites for all Grades and types of math:

Harcourt Publishers "Think Math" Index K-5

100th Day of School Links

 Elementary Math---- a huge index of math for all ages

AAA Math          Ask Dr. Math               Basic skills for Math links

Batter's Up Baseball        Coloring Book Math        Cool Math practice 

Funbrain Baseball       Home School Math           Math Cats           

  Math Playground             Math Magician                                        Math Skill Builders           

Math Online Learning  (Brain teasing games)    

    Math Games Oswego sites    

    Math Mavens Mysteries Scholastic Pages 

Math Games

  Dog Bone Game                              Kids Math Games   (a hundred games in here)       

 King's Math                                 Math Minutes Wild on Math     

"Math" Primary Games 


Fractions for 2nd graders  AAA Fractions        

Fractions for 2nd grade and up   What is a Fraction?

Fraction Flags                                                        Fractions                            Fractions for kids 

Basic to Pre-Algebra (games)  (Click on Math from menu)       Geometric Shapes Pages       

Graphing "Funbrain" 

Fractions for 4th graders

Visual Fractions                                     Numeracy Helper/ Fraction Walls

Fractions (Illuminations)     Math Fact Cafe      Fractions (aaa math)


Division mathatobie (Kidsnumbers)                                            Are you a math magician?      


Angles  6th grade math angles  

  Edhelper measurments      

FunBrain Measure 


Travel Math    measure travel distance, time and cost of your trip

Venn Diagrams

Sites for Teachers for MATH: