Great Websites for Mouse control
Pre K Mouse Skills (bubble wrap)
Early Childhood Internet4classrooms Great site for mouse fun and control
Mouse Program (how to hold the mouse) 
Mouse Skills (how to hold and do things with the Mouse)

Great sites for Literacy and Numeracy from Aussie teachers: 

Great Websites for Keyboarding control

Dance Mat Typing    ***    ABC ya Typing  ***     Krazy Keyboarding 

Spelling City Keyboarding link to Learninggames

PowerTyping  ***   Gamequarium Alpha Attack

ABC YA! with all links            Alphabet  with French and Spanish                Star Fall  

*******  Math  ******* 

Illuminations How Many Under the Shell?                Blank Splat numbers 0-99

Fraction Flags 1/2's             SpeedGrid/Addition/              Splat number 0-99   

********    Science / Plants   ********

Growing Plants  ***   Plant Explorer  *** Kinder Garden  ***  Help the alien grow plants

********     Poetry    ********

 Learning Concrete Poetry       Save the Honey Bees Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream

********   Tell Time   ********

Stop the Clock                 Bang on Time "Learn how to tell time"