Primitive Rite of the Philadelphians (Narbonne 1779)       

Rite of Misraïm
(Venice 1788)
Rite of Memphis
(Montauban 1815)

United Rites of Memphis and Misraïm (1881)

Structure of the
Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraim

SOVEREIGN SANCTUARY: Specified by the Rite of Memphis-Mizraim, is the government of the Rite, of the Order, and the Obedience.

The scale of the Egyptian Masonry in 99º degrees (three times 33º).

There are several (all legitimate) lines of this A.P.R.M.M.; some are even recognised by the U.G.L.E. as being regular in the terms used by U.G.L.E. to define “regular.“ The Rite has many lines, but it gets more complicated because there are in fact three different Rites: Scottish Rite, Rite of Memphis and Rite of Misraim, so there are several lineages belonging to any one and all of them. As this is the case a member of A.P.R.M.M. from one line will have a completely different understanding and appreciation of the Rite than someone from another. The ritual structure of Our Worshipful Rite, developes, in 4 Sections:

1. Symbolic section;
2. Philosophical-cabalistic section;
3. Gnostic-hermetic section;
4. Hermetic section.

Each section having its own characteristic and specific function, is composed in turn, by one or more Ritual Bodies that are, partly, practiced ritually and, partly, studied and conferred by communication.

Practice Rite follows:

Grade 1
º to 3º, free choice of ritual or the ritual of Memphis Mizraim.
Degree 4
º to 33º, adapted from the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.
Degree 34
º to 66º, the Oriental Rite of Memphis Mizraim.
Degree 67
º to 86º, Rite of Memphis Mizraim.
Degree 87
º to 90º, Naples Regime Rite of Mizraim (Arcana Arcanorum).
Degree 91
º to 99º, Administrative Degrees.

Equivalence of Degrees of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Misrai with other Rites

Equivalence of Degrees between the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim
and York Rites, the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Rite Adonhiramita, Modern French Rite, the Rectified Scottish Rite and Martinist Order are:

  • The 33º and Last Degree of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite is the 33º Degree of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim.
  • The 13º and Final Degree of Adonhiramita Rite is 21º Degree of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim.
  • The 7º and Ultimate Degree of French or Modern Rite - Sovereign Rose-Cross Prince, is a 11º or 18º Degree of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim.
  • Degree of The Royal Arch Chapter, Final of the York Rite is the 13º Degree of the Ancient and the Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim.
  • The 6º and Final Degree - C.B.C.S. - of Rectified Scottish Rite (RER) is a 29º or 75º Degree of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim.
  • The 4º and Ultimate Degree of Martinist Order is 88º Degree of the Arcana Arcanorum (Unknown Superior Initiator or "Free Initiator")

1. Symbolic section

This section is composed
from Ritual Bodies denominated Lodges.
The objective of this section is the study and the practice of the first three degrees of Universal Freemasonry.

1º. Apprentice
2º. Companion
3º. Master

2. Philosophical-cabalistic section

This section is composed by 30 Ritual
Bodies denominated Chambers of which 9 are ritually practiced, while the others are not and the degrees to them corresponding are conferred by communication (on the sword).

The 9 practiced Chambers are:

4°. College of the Discreet Teachers
7°. Chapter of the Sublime Masters, Great Elects, Knights of the Vault of Perfection
8°. Chapter of the Sword Knights
9°. Knight Elect of Nine, Sublime Minervale
13º. Royal Arch
11°. Senate of the Knights of the Eagle and the Pelican, Rose-Croix Princes.
16°. Senate of the Knights of the Sun, Sages of Truth, Adept Princes.
18º - Knight Prince of the Rose of Heredom, or Knight of Rose Croix.
21°. Senate Supreme Commanders of the Stars, or Knight Noachite, or Prussian Knight.
30°. Senate of the Knights of the Black and White Eagle, Kadosch Knights
33°. Supreme Counseil of Sovereign Grand Inspectors

3. Gnostic - Hermetic Section

This section is composed of 38 Ritual Chambers, of which  Grand Consistory of Great Consacrator Patriarchs.
The teaching in this Section finds its study and its research in the classical gnosis and its derivations.
Only the 66 degree is practiced.

66°. Great Consacrator Patriarch
75º. Guardian of the Sanctuary, or Sublime Master of the Secrets of the Order.

4. Hermetic section

This section is composed of 24 Ritual Bodies
The hermetic section represents the conclusion of the initiatic path that the Brother Master Masons have accomplished in the traditional journey, through this immemorial and mysterious repository, that is the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraim.

The following are ritually practiced:

90°. Great Counsel of Sovereigns Principles, Sublime Patriarchs, Masters of the Great Work (Arcana Arcanorum).

Administrative Grades

91°. Grand Tribunal of Sovereigns Principles, Grand Defenders of the Order and the Rite.
92. Sovereign Prince of the Magi of the Sanctuary of Memphis, or Sublime Interpreter of Science and Hieroglyphs (1856), or Grand Defender of the Order (1862).
93°. Grand Inspector Regulator of the Rite (1856), or Grand Regulator General of the Order (1862).
94°. Gran Mystical Temple of the Sublime Patriarchs of Memphis; Sovereign Prince of Memphis (1856), or Sovereign Prince of Memphis or of Masonry (1862).

95º. Deputy Grand Hierophant National, (members of various national Sovereign Sanctuaries)
Sovereign Sanctuary of Sublime Patriarchs, Sublime Patriarch Grand Conservator of the Rite, Grand Conservators of the Order, Sovereign Patriarchal Grand Conservator of the Rite (1856), or Sublime Prince of the Magi (1862).

96º. Grand Hierophant National, Grand Master National;
Member of the International Sovereign Sanctuary.
Grand and Puissant Sovereign of the Order, Sublime Magus (1856), or Sovereign Pontiff of Magi of the Sanctuary of Memphis (1862).

International Sovereign Sanctuary

96º. Grand Hierophant National, Grand Master National;
97º. Deputy Grand Master International.

Incognitos Superiors

98º. Grand Hierophant Universal; Grand Master International; Incognitos Superiors (I.S.)
(O.C.I. - Ordine dei Cavalieri Illuminati; Order of the Enlightened Knights) .

99º. Grand Hierophant International (
Grand Hierophant Invisible).

Supreme Rite of Cosmic Architecture

Emperor Sovereign Grand General Hierophant (only in Palermo HQ's; retains the Sovereignty of the Rite while he is in charge of all continents on both hemispheres).

Supreme Patriarch of the Gnostic Church or Sovereign Patriarch of the Gnostic Church.
Grand Master International of the Supreme Rite of Cosmic Architecture.
Member of the Council of Ten.*

*[The Memphis and Misraim Rite officially arrives to: 33°, 90°, 97°, but in reality it goes up to 33°, 90°, 98°, and very rarely to 33°, 90°, 100° (only in Palermo HQ's)].
The last masonic degree in the Memphis and Misraim is 33°, 90°,100°, (that's equivalent to XII° in the O.T.O./Illuminati and the Swedish Rite).
Beati Paoli (above the 100° of the Memphis-Misraim, whose to levels merged into the Arcana Arcanorum),
After that there are no degree's just Gnostic Mass as a servant of the 360° powers as High Priest.
So last degree actually becomes in that moment 3 times as powerful (the Trinity concept is reflected).


Council of Ten

The Illuminati Degrees of Memphis and Misraïm
The Deputy of the secret works of the Council of Ten
(Venice 1796)
(Deputato alla Segreta del Consiglio dei Diceci)

Imperial Council Of Twelve - Twelve Princes Regents

'Protectors' or the 'Honorary Committee of International Directors'

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