The Oriental Masonic Order of the  Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraim

Peace, Tolerance, Truth;
Salutation on All Points of The Triangle;
Respect to The Order.
To All Whom it May Concern:  Greeting and Health.


In present times The Rites of Egyptian Freemasonry experiencing a paradoxical situation:
they are recognized as one of the places where Tradition is still alive, but nevertheless are subject to constant disorders that had the unpleasant results,
especially those of recent years, scattered in different groups over or less interested in an authentic initiation.

And this is true in any country whatsoever, and regardless of the form in which these Egyptian Rites are practiced.
To this it adds exclusions between different branches although these Rites have yet had a common origin.

This should bring concerns about their responsibilities on the transmission of the traditional way, which must remain available to the seekers of the Light of Knowledge.

Sublime Patriarchs Grand Conservators of the Rite, Grand Conservators of the Order, Sovereign Patriarchal Grand Conservators of the Rite and Great Masters of Sovereign Sanctuaries
must set to try to stop this slow agony.

We propose two main lines of action:

1. To make an attempt to reunite again Grand Lodges, Supreme Councils and Sovereign Sanctuaries of the whole world, who do not meet the current situation with satisfaction,
in one international body called the World Sovereign Sanctuary, intended to unite them in a common binding structure in which they will be completely independent.

2. To organize a reunion of Sovereign Sanctuaries and all others structures practicing Egyptian Rites, wishing to participate in this reconstruction of the Order, without taboo,
and with the sole a task to preserve the values of the Egyptian Rites in this important moment of the history, through a responsible discussion, that take required quality in this ultimate degree.

3. Representatives of each unit in the World Sovereign Sanctuary will be leaders in their respective national or regional bodys, or other senior members authorized by them.
Their sole duty and responsibility will be the preservation and prosperity of the Egyptian Rites across the Globe.


Sovereign Sanctuary of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraïm of Freemasonry in Bulgaria

The Sovereign Sanctuary of the Gnosis - Ecclesia Gnostica Ortodoxa

Scottish Rectified Rite - C.B.C.S. - Great Priory of Bulgaria