Grey Panthers

The Grey Panthers

The 2021 Grey Panthers Senior Symposium, March 26 from 10:30 to 12:00

Our mission is to support and share information which is used to improve the quality of life for seniors“The Grey Panthers offer me a support system within my own age group. I am learning and utilizing new resources to assist me with my journey as I become a senior citizen.”

-Bobbie Fields

Who We Are

All Seniors are welcomed and you don’t have to be a person with a disability.

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The Grey Panthers Photo Album.

Grey Panthers 55+

We have created a program for seniors who want to learn about topics such as:

  • Dealing with disabilities

  • Health Issues

  • Financial Planning

  • How to handle social relationships and grief issues

Health and wellness workshops

  • Safety workshops

  • Assistive Technology

  • Community outings

Don't be shy! Join us on the second Friday of every month.

The Grey Panthers

Contact Us

The Grey Panthers

5100 Poplar Avenue Suite 810

Memphis, TN 38137


Facilitators: Jerry Gamble Bobbie Fields

Group Photo

Sponsored by The Memphis Center for Independent Living