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Historically people with disabilities have been marginalized in our society, either cared for by families or segregated into charities, facilities and institutions. The Disability Rights movement and Independent Living have struggled to include people with disabilities in all aspects of civic life. But barriers remain in physical accommodations, communication and attitudes. Today, Centers for Independent Living such as MCIL offer comprehensive Independent Living Programs that provide people with disabilities with the advocacy, training, resources and peer support needed to live independently.

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The Blog for MCIL. Keep up with issues that impact the disability community and Memphis. You may respond and add your voice to the the Memphis Center for Independent Living Journal. Be a part of the discussion and let others know how you feel about important topics.  A link to the Memphis Center for Independent Living Blog

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About Independent Living

MCIL's goal is an integrated community that equally welcomes all members.

The Memphis Center for Independent Living works so that people with disabilities in the Memphis area may live independently. We believe that there is nothing more disabling than pity.

People with disabilities are a powerful and significant part of our community, yet; as a group our social roles have been marginalized by bigotry, discrimination, poverty, isolation, dependency and pity. Americans with disabilities have not had access to transportation, housing and employment that other citizens have enjoyed; MCIL will change that.

People at MCIL Celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The concept of Independent Living grew out of the Civil Rights Movement.

Independent Living not only means equal rights, but also equal responsibility for citizens. Independence implies managing success as well as coping with failure. Many services, programs, charities, organizations and agencies in our community encourage dependency of people with disabilities and remove the risk of failure. The cycle of dependency, paternalism and control removes the common choices of individuals. Ultimately, only by taking similar risks can people with disabilities equally participate in the community.

MCIL offers a new model for community integration.

Since 1985 MCIL has been the center of a network of action, information, and resources to assist people with disabilities to conquer the barriers, the isolation and the dependency. We encourage you to work with us to build this new accessible welcoming community, learn from neighbors or teach fellow citizens that are struggling for their independence.

MCIL hosts the ADA Legacy Tour 2014
The Memphis Center for Independent Living hosts the ADA Legacy Tour 2014

MCIL photo slideshow of the 24th Anniversary Celebration of the ADA.

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