Independent Living

Information and Referral

Key to being part of everyday life is information about accessibility in our community. MCIL is a source of information on accessible, affordable, integrated housing; The Americans with Disabilities Act; and disability-related community resources.


MCIL is dedicated to our mission to facilitate the full integration of persons with disabilities into all aspects of community life. The Memphis Center for Independent Living has a history of working on the implementation of civil rights laws that include people with disabilities in the community; but we need your help to build the progressive, inclusive community that equally welcomes all members.

Peer Mentoring

The Peer Outreach Program encourages people with disabilities to become more independent and active in the community through the use of one-on-one peer support.

Nursing Home Transition

Since the civil rights initiative of the ADA, people with disabilities have turned to remaining in the community with family and employment opportunities rather than expensive segregated institutions. MCIL has a history of working with individuals to make a sustainable choice to live independently in the community and has worked for effective services and supports.

Independent Living Skills

MCIL offers a variety of training topics relevant to people with disabilities such as employment, housing, disability benefits, self-advocacy, personal finance and health and fitness.

 MCIL staff member working at his desk
 The front desk at MCIL


The Computer Technology Lab is open to consumers who are either working with a mentor or independently using the MCIL computer resources.

Peer Outreach Program

The Peer Outreach Program at the Memphis Center for Independent Living is designed to assist people with disabilities to reach their goals through a one-on-one peer mentoring relationship with other successful persons with disabilities. The program will foster independence, build lifelong advocacy skills, and develop future leaders in our community.

LIFE, Living Independently For Everyone

The LIFE group (formerly known as Rockers & Rollers) was started in January 2005 and is for young adults with any disability between the ages of 18-30. The group meets every Thursday to socialize and support each other as friends who share the common goal of wanting to be more independent and a part of our community. LIFE stands for Living Independently For Everyone.

LIFE group members have done a number of things throughout the year and each week is different. We have enjoyed dinner and movie in the afternoon, game nights, as well as bowling. Members of LIFE focus on setting goals and providing a supportive environment where adults can confide in one another without judgment. The LIFE group believes if you have no voice you have no choice!

For more information about the LIFE group and how to become involved please contact Ms. Allison Donald at, 901-726-6404 extension 118.

Accessible Housing

MCIL is a resource on low-income and Section 8 housing choices. We provide listings of local low-income housing and network with agencies to ensure accessible, affordable and integrated housing options are available to our community. The Memphis Center for Independent Living supports the idea that local new single-family homes are made "visitable" for more inclusive neighborhoods.

Community Partners

Mid-South ADAPT

ADAPT is a national grass-roots community that organizes disability rights activists to engage in nonviolent direct action, including civil disobedience, to assure the civil and human rights of people with disabilities to live in freedom.

Visit the Mid-South ADAPT website:

National ADAPT:

The Grey Panthers

Find support and share information to improve the quality of life for seniors. Sponsored by the Memphis Center for Independent Living, the Grey Panthers welcome seniors with and without disabilities.

Next Chapter Book Club

Is for adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities to enjoy reading, learning and making friends in the community.