tutorial fixing an animate walk

Here we have an animation created using AniMate, the version in Daz Studio 4.8

Genesis 2 is wearing high heels

But AniMate doesnt know it yet

So we click on the HighHeels adjustment 

And we set the angle to its maximum, 60 degrees

It's better but there's still a lot of poke-through

those shoes come with a pose

we're at frame 0 

If we apply it, everything looks fine

If we go to frame 1

and come back to frame 0, our nice pose is gone !

That's because, the animation is still under the total control of AniMate

Let's right click on AniMate's window

and activate the "Convert to DS Keyframes"

AniMate warns us that that we could come back here and work on the walk some more

Ok, done. 

Now the animation is just a plain finalized animation

First, we can solve the toes issue

Go to frame 0; 

adjust the toes "manually" or using the special pose

The toes don't need to move

Select the 2 toes nodes

Go in the Parameters Tab

Click on the upper-right corner

do a "Memorize" / "Memorize Selected Item(s)"

then do a "Clear Animation" / "Selected Item(s)"

If we were to force the foot to remain in the fixed pose, the walk would look bad

What we need to do is reign in the ankle movements so they don't exceed the shoe's acceptable range

Let's select the right foot node 

Let's launch my free script mcjCycleFilter

It's normally used for cycling animations but can work for us

in the upper-right corner we select the Bend Channel

We see that the foot's bend animation has a range of angles between 18 and 51 degrees

but we saw earlier the shoe-maker suggested a Bend angle was 43 degrees

Lets select mcjCycleFilter's "Synth" option

we can now generate/synthesize a new animation

we will use the default synthesizer named "Current values"

we change the Minimum value from 18 to 35

and press the Apply button

Bam, the script compressed the ankle bend angles to the 35-53 degrees range

so the Bend doesn't ever exceed the shoe limits

but at the same time we didn't paralyze the foot, it still moves somewhat like AniMate wanted to

The ideal shoe pose had a side-side and twist angles of zero degrees

so you should use mcjCycleFilter to reduce the range AniMate used

say, bring it back in the -7 to 7 degrees range 

get the animation from this tutorial in DS3/DS4 compatible Pose Preset Animation ( .dsa )

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