Christy Evans

Speak softly and carry a big wrench! Lincoln City resident Christy Evans or Christy York – she answers to both – lives by those words apparently. The name of her character, Georgiana Neverall, is inscribed on the most humongous wrench we had ever seen. It is pound for pound one of the most impressive props an author has brought to a signing.

Why did Christine York choose the pen name Christy “Evans” for her new series? Because Evans is close to Janet Evanovich in shelving territory, that’s why. What a clever ploy! Georgiana is a feisty independent woman like Stephanie Plum. Georgiana has a dog instead of a gerbil, but the four-legged companions are remarkable similar in disposition and silent regard of their mistresses.

Christy got into writing because her husband (J. Steven York) is a writer, and it must have been catching, like measles or a cold -- but in a good way. In order for harmony to reign, they have to have separate offices!

How did Christy wind up a mystery writer? It was Uncle Daryl who introduced Christy to Perry Mason. Every Sunday she’d trade the book she had just read for another “The Case of the …” volume. So the seed was sown. She has taken her experience with small towns, her knowledge of computers from before they were the home marvels they are now, and her work renovating a bathroom, and combined this disparate experience to breathe life into her Georgiana Neverall books (Sink Trap and Lead Pipe Cinch).