Bill Cameron

Day One is the third in the Skin Kadash series. We think Bill must be working hard to place his crimes in scenic areas around Portland so his fans will have pretty places to visit, because the latest crime takes place in Mt. Tabor Park, a beautiful, normally restful place in Southeast Portland.

One of the stories in the new book takes place in a rural community in Oregon. Although Bill was not raised in Oregon, he was raised in a rural area, and this adds realism to his storyline.

Bill came dressed in his de rigueur fisherman's/cameraman's vest. We don't think we'd recognize him without it. Not too long ago he informed us that he had purchased a new one -- which looked remarkably like the old one. Courtesy of information gleaned from his tweeting, we've learned that his daughter is getting married. We wonder if L.L. Bean makes a tuxedo vest with pockets for flies or camera lenses!

His pleasant and funny (in a good way) demeanor belie his dark and noirish works. We guess that's what a good writer does: He can describe a world not his own and make it believable.