Society of Mayflower Descendants

in the State of Georgia


The membership process begins by submitting a preliminary application form from the Georgia Historian, Ed Trafford mail box

Complete the form, which requires only your name and your Pilgrim ancestor's name, and return it with an application fee of $100.00. You will receive a worksheet for application and instructions for continuing the process toward membership in the Society.

Annual dues for a calendar year are $35. Dues include two issues of the newsletter of the Georgia Society of Mayflower Descendants, and four issues of the Mayflower Quarterly, published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

Following is a preliminary application for you to fill out. You will need a proposer and a seconder who are members in good standing of the Georgia Society. If you do not know any members, we will arrange for you to meet members of the Georgia Society. Below is information about membership in the Society.

Please return the preliminary application to the Historian Ed Trafford mail box



I hereby request consideration by the Membership Committee of the State Society. All of the information contained herein is true and correct.

Signed by applicant: ___________________________ Date: _______________

Print Full Name : __________________________________________________

Occupation: _____________________________________________________

Name of Spouse: _________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________


Nominated by: __________________________________________________

Seconded by: ___________________________________________________

Telephone No.: _________________________ email ____________________

Name of Mayflower passenger from whom I claim decent: __________________

I do not know any members in good standing but would

like to attend the next membership committee meeting [ ]

N.B. filling out the preliminary application and submitting it does not constitute any commitment of admission on the part of the Society. Admission is conditioned upon: (1) approval by the Membership Committee, (2) completion of working papers satisfactory to the State Historian (3) approval of final papers by the Historian General, (4) nomination by a proposer and seconder who are members in good standing of the Georgia Society and (5) payment of all fees.

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Application fee received: _____________________________

Work sheet sent: ____________________________________

Lineage papers sent: _________________________________

Lineage papers received: ______________________________

Papers sent to Historian General: ________________________

General Information

If you do not have a proposer and seconder, please bring this application and a $100.00 application fee to the next State Society meeting or as directed by the Historian. If your application is accepted by the Nominating Committee, you will be given working papers. The working papers must be returned properly completed to the State Historian: Ed Trafford mail box within 12 months of the date you receive them. If the working papers are not received within 12 months or the State Historian has not granted an extension in writing, your nomination may be suspended and the fee forfeited. Checks should be made payable to "Society of Mayflower Descendants."

When you fill out your preliminary application, please start gathering the items that you will need to prove legitimate descent from a Mayflower passenger such as your birth certificate showing your mother and father’s names and your parent’s marriage certificate, etc. After you have been proposed, seconded and approved by the membership committee, you will receive a worksheet.

  1. This work sheet must be filled out making all the necessary references (see #5 below) from you back to the passenger from whom you claim descent.

  2. Start by obtaining copies of your birth certificate which shows the names of your parents; your parents’ birth and marriage certificates and your grandparents’ birth and marriage certificates.

  3. Lineage papers from other patriotic societies may or may not be acceptable depending on the detail of proof.

  4. References to the 1960, three-volume edition, of the Mayflower Index may or may not be acceptable because there were too many mistakes in that publication.

  5. Proof of decent may be demonstrated by any of the following items:

    1. Vital records of birth, marriage and death which name parents;

    2. Church records, US census records and County histories;

    3. Probates, deeds and other court documents proving relationship;

    4. Bible records with photo copy of title page and in whose possession the bible is located;

    5. Documented genealogies prepared by licensed genealogists;

    6. Copies of newspaper articles and obituaries with name and date of the periodical shown.

Do not be overwhelmed by all of this. There is a lot of information in the genealogical section of your local library and the world wide web: (,,,,, and ). Think of it as a high school history research paper. You will find lots of interesting facts while doing the research! In the end, if you need additional help, I can provide you with names of certified genealogists who can assist you for a fee. Your working papers must be reviewed and approved by the State Historian, Ed Trafford mail box prior to your typing final papers for review and approval by the National Historian of the General Society in Plymouth.