Society of Mayflower Descendants

in the State of Georgia

Governor: Arthur Chapman mail box

Deputy Governor: Ed Trafford mail box

Recording Secretary: Ed Conley mail box

Corresponding Secretary: Karolyn Sowle mail box

Treasurer: Judy Farrigan mail box

Historian: Ed Trafford mail box

Captain: Chipper Lewis mail box

Elder: William Dyal mail box

Surgeon: ___________ mail box

Counselor: John Thacher mail box

Member at Large: Jennifer Hale Holman mail box

Education: Joanne Summers mail box

Finance: Paul Zantzinger mail box

Hospitality: Jennifer Hale Holeman mail box

Membership Directory: Karolyn Sowle mail box

Membership: Andrew Hain mail box


Southeastern Georgia

Lt. Governor: Martha D'Anna mail box

Marshes of Glynn

Lt. Governor: Marge Mitchell mail box

Past Living Governors

with dates of service

Ginger Allen 2004 to 2006

Rose Bell 2006 to 2009

Charlie Hamilton 1996 to 2000

Betty Peardon 1988 to 1992

Paul Zantzinger 1982 to 1986

Jim West 2010-2012