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Maurice Northmore is an author of novels, novellas, short stories, poetry and writers resource books. His novels have been rated 5 star, his quirky short stories have won several awards and his poetry has won the "Editors Choice Award" granted by "The International Society of Poets" on 4 occasions.

There is something for everyone in his books, including crime mystery (When Darkness Falls) politcal thriller (The Prime Ministers Rival), true life (The Urban Soldier), quirky short stories (Twilight), award winning poetry (Atmospheric), & writers resource books (Fast Track Your Novel) & (a Beginners Guide to Writing a Story). Use the "Books" link to checkout his books and more >>

Use these links to read (About) the author, see (News) about his writing, message him on the (Contact) page where you can also find links to his social media sites and on the (Writing Tips) page read ideas and tips about writing stories >>

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