WHEN DARKNESS FALLS: (an intriguing page turning crime thriller) 

Two murders have occurred near the town of Moorland nestled on the southern edge of the Yorkshire Dales, and Detective Inspector Tom Madison has no clues to work with and there were no witnesses. He's under pressure from those above him to catch this sadistic killer and he's been lumbered with PC Paul Smith, a known informer by all who work in CID, and Detective Sergeant Garry Banks, a much too ambitious detective for Madison's liking. DNA and forensic analysis is unheard of and Madison will have to rely on persistence and sheer good luck, and the operation he needs has not been successful yet, and it's imperative his illness remains a secret.


Based on a true story, "The Urban Soldier" is a rivetting must read book that will have you hooked from the first line to the very last.

Jack is not yet three, but he already knows he should have been a girl, and that he has another mother somewhere, and this woman calling herself his mother, has just attacked him with a knife and threatened to kill him. Jack hates his first eight years of school, the snot flicking Mr Johnson, who is hell bent on making his life a misery, and as Jack prepares for his next school, he has heard it's even worse. His father is weak and responds to his questions with a gibberish answer. His mother is strong and is unable to show her love. His brother couldn't care less. Jack has no one to turn to and often thinks of ending his life,  but he can't summon the courage to do it. If he only knew what challenges life has in store for him, maybe he would have found the courage to do it. But then he would have missed all the good things and the chance to find love, in the one place he never thought to look.

A sample of Comments from Readers who have read "The Urban Soldier":

I could not put down your book. Amazing - SM

I'm not a big reader, but when I started reading, I couldn't put it down. Every spare minute I had I was reading it, and after 3 days, I'd finished. It's a fantastic book - JT

Don't often read, but could not put it down. I want a sequel - PB 

Enjoyable. I like your writing style - FP

Couldn't put it down. The story flows really easily - DH

Very very good - JP

Couldn't put it down - SJ 

Enjoyed it. Flowed easily - MT

Really enjoyed it - SL

It's a very very good read and had me gripped from beginning to end - ST

Very interesting read - JN

Gripping. Couldn't put it down - AN

Really enjoyed it - DM

Love your writing style and couldn't put your book down - Anonymous Female Reader. 

Comments from a Major Publishing Company:

Maurice has a very good eye for detail, character and theme. He has a fluent style of writing, which makes this book interesting, flow well and easy to read. Good  books need a good story, and "The Urban Soldier" is an exceptionally good story.  

THE PRIME MINISTERS RIVAL: (a political thriller)

Can Foster Saunders oust the ruthless John D Jackson, and achieve his ambition to become the next Prime Minister of Great Britain? 

What mysteries does a letter, a Box Brownie, and an undeveloped film, threaten to unleash on an unsuspecting Foster?

Will Foster’s hostile and bitter ex lover, Sarah Pritchard, reap her revenge on him?

What sins is Foster prepared to commit to achieve his aims? Blackmail? Murder?

Review: by Paul R on March 18, 2014 Rated 5 Stars:     

This is the 2nd of Maurice Northmore's books I've read and the 2nd one I've thoroughly enjoyed. The central character, Foster Saunders, is a cabinet Minister and chief rival for the Prime Minister's job, but he's also a man with a hidden past, so hidden in fact that he only discovers it himself quite by chance. Inevitably, the Prime minister also comes to learn of Foster's past and wastes no time in using the information against him. But Foster Saunders also has his own information that he can use against the Prime Minister, and is equally ruthless in his lack of hesitation to use it if needs be. In the early part of the story there are some excellent and unexpected twists, followed by several more as the book progresses. The political manoeuvrings amidst the corridors of power conjure up definite echoes of Michael Dobb's 'House of Cards', but things quickly progress in a more action driven direction as the Prime Minister takes steps to ensure Foster Saunder's removal from the Westminster political arena, taking the reader to the political upheaval and prisons of the far east, military coups, assassinations, and daring escapes. There are a several characters, some of whom appear larger than life, with colourful names such as the Duke and Scarface; all are well portrayed and convincing, and integrate well into the overall story. Throughout the book, the reader is kept guessing as to Foster Sander's fate, and how he's going to overcome his situation. The conclusion is as unexpected as the opening twists in the story but equally satisfying. A very enjoyable read!

ONE LIFETIME IS NOT ENOUGH: (an enthralling read)

Any one of the numerous traumatic events Jack has experienced could have been fatal. But this story is not just about trauma. It’s about the way Jack seems to have an uncanny knack of turning near disaster into something positive. It’s about the way he simply brushed aside all the negative things that happened to him and made something good from them. And finally, it’s about the way he never gave up on finding love and what is most surprising, he found love in the one place he never thought to look.

Jack’s story is an amazing story, and it can be summed up with his answer to my question. ‘Tell me Jack. Have you achieved all you want to achieve in life.'

‘One lifetime is not enough.’

PENELOPES WEDDINING: A highly rated novella of 13500 words, where anything that can happen: Does!

Penelopes Wedding is an easy to read, humorous story about Penelope’s intended marriage to Rodney, the gardener at Hamilton Hall. But Lord Harold Benjamin Hamilton is suspicious of Rodney and fiercely protective of his daughter Penelope.

Everything is in order inside the sixteenth century, majestic turreted stone clad fortress of the Hamilton's stately residence standing proudly next to the River Dale near the picturesque village of Sunny Dale. 

Until Penelope hears that her ex husband Troy is coming to the wedding, and what had seemed like the wedding of an ideal couple in a peaceful idyllic English village, has suddenly unearthed a cartload of trouble and scheming.

The Cast:

Apart from Penelope and her intended husband Rodney, the cast includes Lady Hamilton, a rumbustious well built woman who often wears her greying hair in a bun, and Lord Harold Benjamin Hamilton the Third, known by some as Bengy.

Other characters include:

Father Richard Finley the new vicar, and his wife Mary, a squat tubby woman.

Penelope’s best friend Debra an unpretentious looking, but educated level headed forty year old woman who works as an English teacher at the local Sunny Dale School.

Inspector Marshall from the local police station, a tall, gangly, pipe smoking man in his late fifties.

Jack the gamekeeper and his mate Barry.

Cook and Jeremy the butler.

Doc White.

Stanley, the manager of the village hall, a rotund, life and soul of the party type, and his wife Barbara. 

Mrs. Henderson the organist.

Little Jennfier, one of the bridesmaids. 

John, an educated, clean-shaven, dark haired handsome man, a few inches shorter than Rodney, who has agreed to be Rodney’s best man a short time after he met him in the village pub. 

Finally there’s Troy, Penelope’s ex husband, and one other character, who will remain a secret at this stage.