In this single-player game you are the shark on a feeding frenzy, seeking to topple Poseidon, king of the oceans. Eat lots of fish and eels, collect treasures to unlock the undersea caverns. Avoid the sharp end of the diver and watch out for radioactive jellyfish. Of course, get the girl (mermaid) while dodging bubbles and jumping seaweed and an underwater avalanche.

Written in Assembler. Requires 48k RAM. download

OS II: The Sequel

This very condensed operating system layer requiring only 8k (not megabytes). It was written in a time when MS DOS was nothing more than a dumbed-down version of Unix and Windows were things you looked through on a sunny day. The recently released Mac brought a graphical interface and desktop/ windows metaphor to computing, But this was not available for the Atari computers at the time.

This OS allowed users to point on icons (rather than a C: prompt). It included accessories like calculator and puzzle. It also allows for multiple screens and windows (defined as read/ write devices). This is a beta version, with lots of low level bugs. I turned it into my senior project (since it was done already).

Written in Assembler. download

Big World Travel

Initially launched in 2005, this two-way online travel auction allows user to search for lodging and place bids, while property owners bid on them. With over 40,000 properties in 140 countries, including many hard to find places. This website was written in PHP, javascript and HTML and uses MySequel database. [not active]