Vermont Radiocarbon Database

In 2007, I published a short article in the Journal of Vermont Archaeology in which I reported ca. 250 radiocarbon determinations on archaeological material from Vermont. I also included a discussion of the radiocarbon method to introduce some of the fundamental assumptions involved in the technique. This date list complements other similar lists published in other states (see below).

I continue to keep an eye out for archaeological and geological 14C dates from Vermont and New England. To date, I have collected over 2000 published radiocarbon dates from New England and surrounding regions. But, the database has simply grown to be too big to publish in traditional printed media. Furthermore, even if it were to be printed, anyone wishing to use these data would be forced to transcribe them back into a spreadsheet, thus defeating the purpose of having transcribed them into a digital medium in the first place. As a first step towards developing an on-line database of radiometric dates for New England archaeology, I am have made my list of Vermont dates available here.

[Download Vermont Archaeological Radiocarbon Dates]

Researchers wishing to make use of this database should cite it as follows:

Boulanger, M. T. 2007 Database of Radiocarbon Dates for Vermont with a Brief Discussion of the Method. Journal of Vermont Archaeology 8:1–25.

Because I have documented several errors in second- and third-order sources, I encourage all users to verify the dates listed here with primary sources. Corrections and additions to this database are welcome, and all contributions will be acknowledged.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License

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