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"The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled."                                                          -- Plutarch,
Greek historian

"Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life."                                                              -- Sophia Loren,

Hello Students and parents!  I have created this website to keep you and your parents up to date with what is occurring in our classroom.

I am available to help you with any questions or concerns every day until 9pm.  Call or text me at 518-376-2344 or email me at mathwithshelli@gmail.com!

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What's Happening in the Classroom?
as of 04/05/2017
Grade 5:  
The 5th graders have begun to make their quilt.  They have all completed creating their designs, have produced patterns from their designs, cut out all of the shapes needed, and have begun sewing.  Despite a couple finger pricks due to their fingers crossing paths with the sewing needle, they are all doing a great job.  They have learned how to: knot their string to begin sewing, pin pieces together, sew a basic stitch, and end the stitch with a secure knot.  The designs are really starting to come to life and I am anxiously waiting to put them all together!  I am sure it will be an eye-catching quilt!

STEM Workshop - Building a Prosthetic Device
The students are continuing to make great strides in this endeavor. Many groups have reached out to area Humane Societies and are awaiting responses on the animals in need of a device.  The students have created sketches of their designs and will be moving on to the Sketch-Up design phase in order to print the parts.

Grade 6:
The students are approaching the end of Bits and Pieces III.  They have learned how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals.  They have just begun to learn about calculating sales tax and tips and will soon be learning how to determine sale prices. Don't be afraid to test their new knowledge when you go out to dinner or shop the clearance racks (my favorite place to shop!).

STEM Workshop - Building a Prosthetic Device
The students are finishing their sketches and beginning to re-create their sketch(es), of the various parts, in Sketch-Up. Once this stage is complete they will be able to print the parts.  The groups have completed their outreach and are patiently awaiting responses.  

Grade 7:
The students have completed their books, which can be viewed below. The students really brought out their creative sides to produce really great books about math!  Please read them all as they are each very different. We have continued to forge ahead and learn more about linear equations as we work our way through Moving Straight Ahead, a unit focused on algebraic concepts.  In this unit they will be able to apply the knowledge gained from their previous units to deepen their understanding of tables, graphs, and equations.

The books:
            Pierce's Book
            Peyton's Book
            Ginger and Gabi's Book
            Sonja, Robyn, and Sophia's Book (please note: there are 2 pages                      that refer to magnets that were not included at the time the book was                         scanned)

STEM Workshop - Building a Prosthetic Device
The students have completed their outreach and are awaiting responses. Most of the groups have completed their sketches and have begun building their parts in Sketch-Up; the next step in order to print and assemble the device.

Grade 8:
The 8th graders are continuing to strengthen their algebraic skills. The students are on the home stretch with only two chapters, and about 10 lessons, remaining of new material.  They have gained a wealth of understanding over the past month and are well on their way to completing a successful year of algebra!

STEM Workshop - Building a Prosthetic Device
The students have had a few opportunities to revisit their designs from last year.  Some students have reached out to area humane societies and are awaiting a response.  One group is creating a prosthetic device for a disabled piglet! Many groups are working on a scaled sketch that will be used to create the parts in Sketch-Up. They are making great progress and I cannot wait to see the results.


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