Current position

I am currently a visiting researcher at the University of Cambridge (Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics), sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation (December 2014 - December 2015). I am also an associate researcher at the Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle (LFF) of the University Paris Diderot. 

Academic address  

Phonetics Laboratory
Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages
University of Cambridge
Sidgwick Avenue
Cambridge, CB3 9DA

Research interests
  • Variation in French
    • European varieties (Belgium, France, Switzerland)
    • In-contact varieties of French (‘Français Fédéral’, African French)
    • Speaking styles and phonogenres 
  • Prosody/Syntax Interface 
    • Left and Right Peripheries
    • Parentheticals and epistemic verbs
    • Parataxes and clause linking

  • Speech corpora and annotation tools
    • Prominence perception and detection 
    • Prosodic boundaries
    • PoS tagging et chunking 
    • Disfluencies

Contact be my mail, or find me on 

Last update 2015/06/07 

  • The chapter on French-ToBI, to which I participated in, was just recently released. Click on the picture for more information:

Current projects on Regional French varieties 

  • A crowdsourcing approach to lexical, syntactic and phonological variation in European French
  • Phonetics and phonology of European French varieties
  • The corpus of French spoken in Switzerland (OFROMhas been updated. The database was entirely PoS tagged with Dismo. It is now possible to look for some syntactic structures and not only chains of words. Give a try and let u some comment!

Upcoming talks and conferences
  • I'll be giving a conference on French prosody in contact situations on the 10th of June in Exeter, presenting some work I've been conducted with Guri Bordal Steien, click here for more information.
  • With Adrian Leeman, we organize a workshop on Phonetics of Dialectal Variation in Cambridge, on the 28th of June. More information here.
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