Current position

I am currently a research assistant in French linguistics at the Romanisches seminar of the University of Zurich. I am also a visiting researcher at the University of Geneva (CUI), sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation (September 2015 - August 2016)

Academic address  

Romanisches Seminar
Universität Zürich
Zürichbergstrasse 8 
8032 Zürich

Research interests
  • Variation in French
    • European varieties (Belgium, France, Switzerland)
    • In-contact varieties of French (‘Français Fédéral’, African French)
    • Speaking styles and phonogenres 
  • Prosody/Syntax Interface 
    • Left and Right Peripheries
    • Parentheticals and epistemic verbs
    • Parataxes and clause linking

  • Speech corpora and annotation tools
    • Prominence perception and detection 
    • Prosodic boundaries
    • PoS tagging et chunking 
    • Disfluencies

Contact be my mail, or find me on 

Last update 2015/09/19 

  • Onee of our paper dealing with the penultimate accentuation, a prosodic feature of Swiss French prosody, has just been published. Click on the book for more information.

  • The chapter on French-ToBI, to which I participated in, was just recently released. Click on the picture for more information:

Participez à nos enquêtes sur le français régional !
  • Cliquez ici pour plus d'information.

Current projects on Regional French varieties 
  • A crowdsourcing approach to lexical, syntactic and phonological variation in European French. Check our blog!
  • Phonetics and phonology of European French varieties.
  • The corpus of French spoken in Switzerland (OFROMhas been updated. The database was entirely PoS tagged with Dismo. It is now possible to look for some syntactic structures and not only chains of words. Give a try and let us some comment!

Upcoming talks and conferences
  • I am responsible of a thematic panel at the next VALS-ASLA conference (Geneva, January 20-22). I'll be giving a talk presenting the results of the survey on Francoprovençal French vocalic system. Click here for more information.

  • I'll be giving a talk dealing with the relationship between Francoprovençal dialects and Francoprovençal French at the 4th edition of the conference Repenser l'histoire du français (Munich, April 7-8). Click here for more information.

  • Elisabeth Stark and I were accepted at the 2nd edition of the conference New Ways of Analyzing Syntactic Variation (Ghent, May 19-20). We'll be giving a talk dealing with the description of regional variation in French clitic-clusters. More info to come here soon. 

  • I was accepted at the next CILFR (Roma, July 18-23).