Sharing my knowledge of mathematics in an effective way has been an important part of my career. Here is my Teaching Statement

QFT Seminar: 
Upon arrival at the University of Queensland in January 2013, and with the help of several colleagues, I started a learning seminar series called the Quantum Field Theory Seminar. Every semester, we choose a topic that we want to cover, and solicitude volunteers to give talks. The topics we have studied include: conformal field theory, affine algebras, Q-systems, Category O, .... The volunteers have arranged from undergraduate students to full professor. See the QFT Seminar Webpage for more details. 

  • Here is some material for the winter school. 

University of Queensland 

  • Semester 1, 2015 - Abstract Algebra (Math 3303)
  • Semester 1, 2014 - Honour's Course on representation theory 
  • Semester 2, 2013 - First year course on discrete math (Math 1061)
  • Semester 1, 2013 - Abstract algebra (Math 3303)

University of British Columbia 

  • Summer Semester, 2011 - Linear algebra for second year engineers
  • Summer Semester 2009 - Linear algebra for second year engineers

University of Chicago 

  • Winter Quarter 2008 - First year precalculus 
  • Fall Quarter 2007 - First year precalculus
  • Winter Quarter 2007 - First year precalculus 
  • Fall Quarter 2006 - First year precalculus 
  • Winter Quarter 2006 - First year calculus 
  • Fall Quarter 2006 - First year calculus