Currently in Brisbane, I play weekly with Waziz: a loose collection of musicians interested in Middle Eastern and Eastern European tunes. Here is a documentary about this group. 

While at the University of British Columbia, I helped create the UBC Persian Music Ensemble. We had several successful concerts with hundreds of fans and dozens of members. While a graduate student, I was a member of the University of Chicago Middle Eastern Music Ensemble

My main instrument is Santoor, an ancient instrument played in Iran, the Arab World and Turkey, Greece, China, .... I started playing the Santoor when I was nine years old with Masoud Gharibzadeh. 

Improvisation with Sina Ettehad on Kamanche

I started playing classical Guitar under Stephen Boswell a few years ago. 

Riq is a percussion instrument of the Arab world. I started learning Riq under the Guidance of one my most important mentors Issa Boulos