Articles by Mary Gregory

Photographer Stephen Wilkes Condenses Time in “Day to Night” at Tulla Booth Gallery, Hamptons Art Hub, August 30, 2018

Paintings by Taylor White: A Stream of Consciousness Made Visible, Hamptons Art Hub, August 20, 2018

Barthélémy Toguo Offers Soulful International Voices to The Hamptons, Hamptons Art Hub, August 14, 2018

At the Lightning Field by Laura Raicovich reviewed, Afterimage Magazine, August 17, 2017

Warhol by the Book, Exhibition Review, Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism, May, 2016

Celebrating Women and Art in Men Honoring Women, March 20, 2016, ArtSlant

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Inaugurates the Met Breuer, March 5, 2016, Afterimage

Artists Explore Complex Issues at Arts Guild New Jersey, ARTslanT, April 27, 2015

Crossing Lines - Crossing the Line from Vision to Expression, January 20, 2015, ARTslant

Reverberations: Contemporary Abstractions by Adel Gorgy, Miyako Aoki, and Marsha Solomon, September 10, 2014, ARTslant

Adel Gorgy - Traces of Pollock, de Kooning and Warhol, Abstract Photographic Works at Able Fine Art NY Gallery  –  Published: Jan. 25, 2014 - Ragazine

Ode to Spring – Gerson Leiber at Carter Burden Gallery  -  Published May 23rd, 2014 - Woman Around Town

Looking at the 2014 Whitney Biennial - Published March  9,  2014 - Ragazine

Abstracting Abstraction - Recent Photographs by Adel Gorgy - ARTslant

Moonlit Memories of Mystical Landscapes - ARTslant

Held Against Their Will, Therese A. Maloney Gallery - ARTslant

Here, Not There, Part 3 of The Triad, Arts Guild NJ - ARTslant

By the Numbers: More or Less - Part Two of the Triad, Arts Guild New Jersey - ARTslant

Abstract Lives - Part One of The Triad, Arts Guild New Jersey - ARTslant

From Still Life to Abstraction - Marsha Solomon, Atrium Gallery - ARTslant

Nabil Naoum – Author and Artist Book Signing May 16 de 19h à 20h30 - ArtSlant Paris

By The Book – Looking at Words, Arts Guild New Jersey -- ARTslant

Persona – Therese A. Maloney Gallery - A Portrait of the Psyche - ARTslant

Elemental Forms Formed by the Elements – Sylvia Iskander at Skoto Gallery - ARTslant

Eun-Jung Choi at Able Fine Art Gallery, NY - ARTslant

Lyrical Spaces at Able Fine Art, NY - Marsha Solomon and Yang, Suk -- ARTslant

Abstract Expressionism finds a new voice in summer exhibition at ABstract EXpressions Gallery - ARTslant

Adel Gorgy - Seeing Art Anew, Atrium Gallery, NJ - ARTslant