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You will find a pdf of my CV at the bottom of the page.

Research Positions

Since 2016: Research Director at INRA, Public Economics Department

2011-2015: Experienced Research Scientist at INRA, Public Economics Department

    2010: Visiting position at GERAD, HEC Montreal

2007-2011: Junior Research Scientist at INRA, Public Economics Department

2005-2007: Research Fellow at IFREMER (Post-doc), Marine Economics Department

2002-2005: PhD student, CNRS THEMA, University of Paris 10 - Nanterre. Supervisor: Gilles Rotillon. Thesis title : Interpretation of sustainable development concept in economic models with natural resources


2012: HDR (Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches). University of Paris Ouest - Nanterre La Défense. Jury: Alain Ayong Le Kama, Katheline Schubert, Charles Figuières, Christopher Costello, Cees Withagen and Gilles Rotillon.

2005: PhD Economic Sciences. University of Paris X – Nanterre. Jury: Alain Ayong Le Kama, Nguyen Manh Hung, Michel Moreaux, Gilles Rotillon and Katheline Schubert.

2002: Master degree: Environmental and Natural Resources Economics.

2002: Master degree: Agronomics, AgroParisTech.


Works in progress

  • Martinet V., Gajardo P., De Lara M., 2019, ‘Bargaining with Intertemporal Maximin Payoffs’, CESifo Working Paper 7471. Download ; FAERE 2019.02 Download

  • Choukroun R., Martinet V., 2018, ‘Action de restauration d'écosystèmes et fourniture de Services Ecosystémiques par des agriculteurs: enjeux et défis’

  • Dupoux M., Martinet V., 2018, ‘Can the environment be an inferior good? A theory with context-dependant substitutability and needs’

  • Martinet V., 2016, ‘The economics of the Food versus Biodiversity debate’

  • Cairns R., Martinet V., 2018, ‘Growth and long-run sustainability’


  • Chèze B., David M., Martinet V., 2019, `Understanding farmers' reluctance to reduce pesticide use: A choice experiment' Ecological Economics; accepted.
          Working paper version: ‘Farmers' motivations to reduce their use of pesticides: a choice experiment analysis in France'  Download
  • Cairns R., Del Campo S., Martinet V., 2019, ‘Sustainability of an economy relying on two reproducible assets’, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control; vol. 101, p.145-160.
          Working paper versions: CESifo 6314 Download ; EconomiX 2017-4 Download ; INRA Economie Publique 2016/03 Download ; FAERE 2017.03 Download
  • Long N.V., Martinet V., 2018, ‘Combining rights and welfarism: a new approach to intertemporal evaluation of social alternatives’, Social Choice and Welfare; vol. 50, p.35-64.
          Working paper versions: CESifo Working Paper 3746 Download; EconomiX 2012-13 Download
  • The QUINTESSENCE Consortium (Bohan et al.), 2016, ‘Networking our way to better ecosystem services provision’, Trends in Ecology & Evolution; vol. 31, issue 2, p.105-115.
  • Martinet V., Peña-Torres J., De Lara M., Ramírez C. H., 2016, ‘Risk and Sustainability: Assessing Fishery Management Strategies’, Environmental and Resource Economics; vol. 64, issue 4, p.683-707.
          Working paper versions: AMURE D-31-2012 ; EconomiX 2012-11. Download
  • Bontems P., Martinet V., Rotillon G., Withagen C, 2015, ‘Interactions between agricultural economics and environmental and resource economics in European research: Insights from the theory of non-renewable resources’, Review of Agricultural and Environmental Studies; vol. 96, issue 1, p.167-185.
  • De Lara M., Martinet V., Doyen L., 2015, ‘Satisficing versus Optimality: Criteria for Sustainability’, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology; vol. 77, issue 2, p.281-297. Download
          Working paper of a previous version: ‘Risk and Sustainability: Is Viability that far from Optimality?’, Public Economics Department INRA--AgroParisTech 2010-02 ; EconomiX, 2010-7. Download
  • Cairns R., Martinet V., 2014, ‘An environmental-economic measure of sustainable development’, European Economic Review; vol. 69, p.4-17. Download
          Working paper versions: CESifo Working Paper 4327 Download; EconomiX 2012-02. Download
  • Curtin R., Martinet V., 2013, ‘Viability of transboundary fisheries and international quota sharing: the case of the Bay of Biscay Anchovy’, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics; vol. 61, p.259-282. Download
  • Martinet V., 2013, ‘Effect of soil heterogeneity on the welfare economics of biofuel policies’, Land Use Policy ; vol. 32, p.218–229. Download
          Working paper versions: Public Economics Department INRA-AgroParisTech 2012-01 ; EconomiX 2012-13. Download 
          and even an older version: ‘Soil heterogeneity, agricultural supply and land-use change: an application to biofuels production’, Public Economics Department INRA-AgroParisTech 2010-05. Download
  • Doyen L., Martinet V., 2012, ‘Maximin, Viability and Sustainability’, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control ; vol. 36, issue 9, p.1414-1430. Download
          Working paper version: EconomiX 2010-19. Download
  • Doyen L., Thébaud O., Béné C., Martinet V., Gourguet S., Bertignac M., Fifas S., Blanchard F., 2012, ‘A stochastic viability approach to ecosystem-based fisheries management’, Ecological Economics, vol 75, p.32-42. Download
  • Martinet V., 2011, ‘A characterization of sustainability with indicators’, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 61(2), p.183-197. Download
          Working papers of a previous version: ‘Defining Sustainability Objectives’, Working paper EconomiX, n°2009-07. Download ;
          and even an older one:
‘Maximizing minimal rights for sustainability: a viability approach, Working paper EconomiX, 2007-20. Download
  • Barraquand F., Martinet V., 2011, ‘Biological conservation in dynamic agricultural landscapes: Effectiveness of public policies and trade-offs with agricultural production’, Ecological Economics, vol 70, p.910-920. Download
          Working paper version: EconomiX 2009-18. Download
  • Martinet V., Thébaud O., Rapaport A., 2010, ‘Hare or Tortoise? Trade-offs in recovering sustainable bioeconomic systems’, Environmental Modeling and Assessment, vol 15(6), p.503-517. Download
  • De Lara M., Martinet V., 2009, Multi-criteria dynamic decision under uncertainty: a stochastic viability analysis and an application to sustainable fishery management, Mathematical Biosciences, vol 217, p.118-124. Download
  • Martinet V., Blanchard F., 2009, ‘Fishery externalities and biodiversity: Trade-offs between the viability of shrimp trawling and the conservation of Frigatebirds in French Guiana’, Ecological Economics, vol 68(12), p.2960-2968. Download
  • Martinet V., Rotillon G., Costes F., 2008, ‘Lois de conservation économiques et développement durable’, Annales d'Economie et de Statistique, vol 90, p.103-125. Download
          Working paper version: THEMA 2003-27. Download
  • Martinet V., Rotillon G., 2007 ‘Invariance in Growth theory and sustainable development’, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control ; vol. 31, issue 8, p.2827-2846. Download
  • Martinet V., 2007, ‘A step beside the maximin path: Can we sustain the economy by following Hartwick's investment rule?’, Ecological Economics, vol 64(1), p.103-108. Download
          Working paper of a previous, much longer version: ‘The Hartwick Rule and the characterization of constant consumption paths’, Working paper THEMA 2005-06. Download
  • Martinet V., Thébaud O., Doyen L., 2007, ‘Defining viable recovery paths toward sustainable fisheries’, Ecological Economics ; vol 64(2); p.411-422. Download
          Working paper version: GdR AMURE D21-2006; EconomiX 2006-05. Download
  • Martinet V., Doyen L., 2007. ‘Sustainability of an economy with an exhaustible resource : a viable control approach’, Resource and Energy Economics ; vol.29, issue 1, p.17-39. Download
          Working paper version: THEMA 2003-36. Download


Martinet (2012) Economic Theory and Sustainable Development: What can we preserve for future generations? , Routledge, Oxon (United-Kingdom), Avril 2012. (ISBN-10: 0415544777)

Chapters in books

Ragot L. et al., 2015. ‘Modélisation, scénarisation et aide à la décision’, in Bosi S. and Euzen A. (Coord) Prospective droit, écologie & économie de la biodiversité, Chapter IV, p.49-57. Les Cahiers Prospectives, CNRS.

Martinet V., Rotillon G., 2009, ‘Invariance in Economic Dynamics and the Sustainable Development Issue’, in Chester W. Hurlington (Ed) Economic Dynamics: Theory, Games and Empirical Studies, Chapter 5, p.99-120. Nova Science Publishers.

Martinet V., 2008, ‘The viability framework: a new way to address the sustainability issue’, in R. Lopez (Ed) Progress in Sustainable Development research, Chapter 5, p.143-168. Nova Science Publishers.


Salles J.M., Martinet V., 2016, ‘Pourquoi associer des valeurs économiques aux services dérivés de la nature?’, Economie et Management n°161, p.11-17.

Martinet V., 2011, ‘Définir les objectifs d'un développement durable, un exercice difficile’, INRA Sciences Sociales N°2-3/2011. Download .

Martinet V., 2010, ‘La "viabilité", une approche du développement durable visant à éviter les crises dans le long terme : l'exemple des pêcheries’ (‘Viability, an approach to Sustainable development based on crisis avoidance: the fishery example’), INRA Sciences Sociales N°1/2010. Download


Martinet V., Rotillon G., 2018, `Environnement (et autre), arrêtons d’instrumentaliser les «pauvres » !', Le Monde, November 18-19. (original submitted version here)

Other publications

Gaucherel C., Martinet, V., Bretagnolle, V., et al. ‘A multidisciplinary modelling approach to understand the effects of landscape dynamics on biodiversity’, 2010, International Conference on Integrative Landscape Modelling ; 2010/02/03-05 ; Montpellier. 10 p. Download

Research programs - International Collaborations

MOOREA ‘‘Models and Optimization tools for Applied Ecology’’. 2002-2006.

Coordinator of the program ‘‘Economic Interpretation of Sustainable Development, Invariance and Environmental Preferences’’. (ACI MEDD. French Ministry of Research) 2005-2008.

CHALOUPE ‘‘Global Change, dynamics of exploited biodiversity and fisheries viability’’. (French ANR Biodiversity) 2005-2008.

MIFIMA ‘‘Mathematics, Informatics and Fisheries Management’’. Research program in collaboration with Chile and Peru. 2006-2009.

BIODIVAGRIM ‘‘Biodiversity conservation in Agroecosystems: landscape modelling’’. (French ANR Biodiversity) 2007-2011.

AGFOODTRADE ‘‘New Issues in Agricultural Food and Bioenergy Trade’’. (FP7 European Program) 2008-2012.

3BCar ‘‘Coupling Life Cycle Analysis and Cost Benefit Analysis approaches for the assessment of biofuel production projects at the regional level’’. 2010-2013.

MOBILIS ‘‘Bio-economic modeling for scenarios of biodiversity and farming land-use facing climate change’’. (FRB Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité) 2012-2014.

PEERLESS ‘‘Predictive Ecological Engineering for Landscape Ecosystem Services and Sustainability’’. (French ANR Agrobiosphere) 2013-2016. Coordinator of the Economics team (4 permanent researchers, 60 k€ functionning). Responsible of the Task ‘‘Economic and agro-ecological performances of land-use patterns at a landscape level, and identification of viable management strategies to control insect and weed pests’’.


BDI personal grants from CNRS (2002-2005)

Thesis Award : Prix "Louis Forest" de la Chancellerie des Universités de Paris (2006)

OCDE best Policy paper at IIFET 2008 (Vietnam) - Honorable mention

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