This site is a work in process, a labor of love, a challenge to my inherent lack of up-to-date Webmaster skills, and an opportunity to tell a story. What story? I'm not quite sure but I'll figure it out eventually.

Howdy World! My name is Martin but you can call me Martin... or Martimus. Why? Why not!

I was born in the great state of California back in the day when it was OK to be born in Southern California. I guess that makes me a native Californian (yes there are a few of us left) but haven't lived in the state of my birth in a whole lot of years. While I was officially born in SoCal I actually spent a good piece of my childhood in Anchorage, Alaska. Anyone looking for culture shock can appreciate the transition from California craziness to Alaska awesomeness. Literally three months after graduating high school I then moved to the convection oven better known as Arizona.

I'm a Computer Scientist by education, a Network Engineer by trade, and a Network Architect per my current employers. I currently live in Chandler Arizona with a psychotic Great Dane named Kato.