Stanford Magazine writes about the Goggles Optional podcast featuring a photo from our recent live show [12/1/2018]

Stanford EE spotlighted my profile on their website [10/26/2018]

Stanford Engineering ran a spotlight about my research and outreach activities as a part of their #MeetStanfordEngineering and #IAmAnEngineer website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter campaigns [10/1/2018]

Journal Physics promotes my invited viewpoint on the first experimental demonstration of unconventional photon blockade [7/24/18]

UC Davis ECE News runs a story that introduces me as a new faculty member in the department [6/25/2018]

A UK science magazine Physics World publishes my take on the new silicon carbide single photon LED publication from Wrachtrup group [6/18/2018]

“In this work, a key concept is the generation and manipulation of individual particles of light – photons,” says Marina Radulaski of Stanford University, who was not involved in this study. “The researchers have not only discovered new colour centres in silicon carbide that can generate single photons at high rates, they have also succeeded in integrating these with electronic elements that can turn the light emission on and off. In a way, they have developed an early prototype of a ‘quantum telegraph’.”

Advanced Science Reseach Center, CUNY tweets about the upcoming Photonics Initiative Seminar Series which includes my public lecture on Scalable Nanophotonics for Quantum and Classical Information Processing [3/23/2018]

CLEO 2018 conference used a photo from my CLEO 2017 talk Scalable Photonics with Single Color Centers in Silicon Carbide in a call for abstract submission [12/11/2017]

Stanford News, Stanford Daily, Science Daily, PhysOrg, EurekAlert!, R&D Magazine, Nanowerk, Scienmag,NextBigFuture, eScienceNews, Public, World News, Science Newsline, Futurist, Parallel State and Newsblock cover scalable silicon carbide color center platform among Vuckovic group's results in quantum optics [5/9/2017]

Silicon Carbide Colour Centres for Scalable Quantum Photonics is an interview with the UK Institute of Physics's website about the findings of our international collaboration [3/6/2017]

30 under 30: A World-Traveling Scholar of Nanophotonics is an interview with Scientific American prior to my participation at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in 2012 [6/12/2012]

Quantum Coins

Quantum Coins is an outreach project intended to promote Quantum Photonics featured at @stanford_photonics Instagram page [12/6/2017]

Goggles Optional

Goggles Optional science podcast covers our quantum system based on color centers in silicon carbide in the Hot Start segment (timestamp 2:10) [5/11/2017]

A Grad-School-Day at Stanford University is a video collection of Instagram posts shared with Belgrade Science Festival audience [12/1/2016]

Physicists Go Everywhere is the 2016 Stanford University Commencement speech I delivered as an honorary speaker for the Applied Physics graduating class [6/22/2016]

What Inspired Me to Get into Optics is a short interview for OSA Centennial celebration filmed at CLEO 2016 conference [6/6/2016]