10 Quick Resources for Faculty Job Search in STEM

by Marina Radulaski, June 2018

1. The Professor Is In by Karen Kelsky

A superb guide to the application process, crafting statements, conducting interviews, and negotiating offers. Note: experimentalists should seek additional help on lab and equipment negotiations.

2. The Academic Job Search Handbook by Julia Miller Vick and Jennifer S. Furlong

Textbook examples of written materials, advice on interviews and negotiations, includes a variety of scenarios (pregnancy, dual career, etc.).

3. Physics Today Jobs portal

Online discovery of faculty and other physics job openings worldwide, good email digest with the new postings.

4. Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

An indispensable guide for pre-application and offer acceptance period on making career decisions that fit with your life.

5. How Learning Works: Seven Research-based Principles for Smart Teaching by Susan Ambrose, Michael W. Bridges, Michele DiPietro, Marsha C. Lovett, Marie K. Norman, Richard E. Mayer

A fantastic book on evidence-based learning, helps develop personal teaching style and inform interview conversations.

6. What can I do today to create a more inclusive community in CS? by Cynthia Lee

Actionable advice for increasing inclusion in the classroom, helpful during diversity statement preparation.

7. Faculty job search timeline blog post by Philip Guo

A detailed timeline of a 6-month long faculty job search process.

8. Rising Stars in EECS, an academic workshop for women recorded materials

Specific advice on preparing the application and navigating the job search from experienced engineering professors.

9. University writing and speaking centers, such as Stanford Hume Center

Great place to brainstorm and improve the structure of your statements, video-record and get feedback on your job talk content and delivery.

10. University career centers, such as Stanford BEAM

Career coaches provide relevant books, edit CVs and statements, help navigate the negotiation and decision-making process, and can be great cheerleaders.