I am an incoming Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California at Davis, starting a quantum nanophotonics group in the spring of 2019. I am currently finalizing my work as a Nano- and Quantum Science and Engineering Postdoctoral Fellow in the Nanoscale and Quantum Photonics Lab at Stanford University on the topics of quantum optics, cavity quantum electrodynamics, color center systems and scalable solid-state photonics.

I obtained a Ph.D. in applied physics under the supervision of Prof. Jelena Vučković at Stanford University. My undergraduate degrees in physics and computer science were awarded by the University of Belgrade, and Union University in Serbia, respectively. I have investigated optics and solid-state physics internationally at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Oxford University, Austrian Academy of Science, Polish Academy of Science, Helmholtz Center Berlin and Belgrade Institute of Physics. My graduate studies have been generously funded by the Stanford Graduate Fellowship. I was recognized as a Rising Star in EECS in 2017, 30 Under 30 Up-and-Coming Physicists by Scientific American in 2012, Prof. Dr. Ljubomir Cirkovic award for the best undergraduate thesis in physics at the University of Belgrade in 2011, and the First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics award by Polish Academy of Sciences in 2005.

In addition to research, I am passionate about scientific outreach, inclusion and community organizing. I hosted and produced the Goggles Optional science podcast which has over 20,000 downloads from more than 90 countries annually. I served as a co-president of the Stanford Optical Society, a Stanford Graduate School Diversity Recruiter, a Women in Photonics event planner, an organizer of the annual Stanford University Photonics Retreat, and am a member of the CLEO conference quantum optics committee. The outreach team I co-chaired in graduate school promoted science to 10,000 Bay Area K-12 students by visiting local schools and presenting at science festivals.